Complete guide to M&S meal deals: Dine In, Family meal deal & more compared

Updated on 13 April 2021

We run the rule over the main M&S food offers, including the £10 Dine In deal, £15 Family Dine In offer and £10 Family Pizza meal deal, as well as special offers.

M&S cheap food offers: a complete guide

M&S meal deals can be an ideal option if you want to eat something quickly at home without resorting to a takeaway.

M&S has several meal deals, but confusingly they are not always available so it can be difficult to keep track of what you can get hold of.

We reveal all the meal deals M&S has to offer and when these deals are likely to be available.

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M&S Reward Plus Credit Card review: great for M&S fanatics

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M&S Dine In for two – £10

The M&S Dine In for two offer is mostly available all year round, but the menu changes every few weeks and it may be temporarily unavailable if there’s a special Dine In offer.

Marks & Spencer recently revamped its Dine In offer – you get a main, side dish and starter or dessert, but no bottle of wine or non-alcoholic alternative.

Following the changes, the Dine In deal now costs £10 (down from £12) although long time M&S Dine In fans will remember the deal was originally £10 up until 2018.

You can keep an eye on our regularly-updated review of the £10 meal deal to see what you can get and discover any interesting changes to the menu.

The M&S Dine In menu varies, so you could get anything from barbeque dishes, traditional British cuisine, fish dishes and occasionally steak.

If you know anyone who loves the M&S Dine In meal deal, why not treat them to an M&S Dine In gift card?

M&S Family meal deal – £15

M&S £15 Family meal deal. (Image: Marks and Spencer)

The £15 Family meal deal runs alongside the £10 Dine In deal. At the time of writing, the menu focuses on Italian dishes, but the menu will change on a regular basis.

So, if you’re not a fan of Italian cuisine, you might find something more to your taste when the deal changes.

For £15, you can pick up four mains and four extra dishes, which includes starters, sides and desserts.

This deal is designed for four people rather than two, so you should get more food compared to the £10 Dine In deal.

You can check out our round-up of the £15 Family Dine In deal here.

M&S Family Pizza meal deal – £10

M&S Family Pizza Meal Deal. (Image: Marks & Spencer)

The M&S Family Pizza meal deal allows you to get two pizzas and two sides (or desserts) for £10.

You can choose from 11 pizzas, including pepperoni, BBQ chicken, and vegan cheese pizza. The sides are quite varied and include anything from chicken wings to mac and cheese bites to chocolate cheesecake.

Similar to the M&S Family Meal Deal, this should serve four people and there is no bottle of wine or non-alcoholic alternative included.

You can find out more about the £10 M&S Family Pizza deal here.

M&S Valentine’s Day special – £20

Box of chocolates. (Image: Shutterstock)

As you might expect, the M&S Valentine’s Day Dine In meal deal is usually available shortly before the big romantic day.

It is double the price of the Dine In for two deal at £20 but you get a side, main, dessert, bottle of wine, as well as a starter and chocolates.

You should note the price and offer details may change next year. For more information, read M&S Valentine’s Day Dine In meal deal special: what's on offer.

If you’re a loyal Marks & Spencer customer, it may be worth checking out these tips, tricks and hacks you can use to save money when you shop.

M&S Easter Dine In special - £20

The M&S Easter Dine In meal deal is only available in store a few days before Easter.

While this deal is a lot more expensive than Dine In for two, this does feed four people. You get two extra sides plus a roasting joint such as lamb, beef or chicken (instead of the usual mains).

Unfortunately, you don’t get a bottle of wine or non-alcoholic substitute with this deal, but you could save up to £12 compared to buying the items separately.

You should note the price and offer details may change next year. 

M&S Easter Family Dine In meal deal: what’s on offer

M&S Easter meal deal. (Image: Marks and Spencer)

M&S Mother’s Day Dine In special - £20

The M&S Mother’s Day Dine In deal is very similar to the Easter special offer above – the price is the same and the menus are nearly identical.

It costs £20 and feeds four people, but it’s only available for a few days around Mother’s Day. You get two extra sides and a roasting joint instead of the usual £10 Dine In mains.

As this is a limited time offer, the price and offer details may change next year.

M&S Mother’s Day £20 Dine In meal deal: what’s on offer

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