New M&S Dine In meal deal for two launches: top picks in the latest food offer

New M&S Dine In meal deal for two launches: top picks in the latest food offer

The chicken Dine In meal deal for two will set you back £10 but doesn't come with a dessert. We reveal what’s on the menu and whether the latest M&S deal offers good value for money.

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Saving and Making Money

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Updated on 26 January 2023

Marks & Spencer has announced a new Chicken Feast Dine In meal deal for two that'll set you back £10.

However, unlike the old M&S meal deal that many of you will be familiar with, this new offer doesn't come with a dessert.

All you get in return for your crisp £10 note is a main and three sides. 

So, is the new M&S meal deal worth getting?  

Dine In offer has changed: what you need to know

Before we take a look at what you can get and whether it's good value for money, it's worth highlighting how the Dine In meal deal has changed recently.

For many years, the Dine In for two allowed M&S shoppers to pick up a main, sides, dessert and a bottle of wine for £10. It was a very popular deal (and very costly to M&S). 

Over time, M&S began tinkering with the deal, most notably by hiking the price to £12 and then removing the free drink portion of the offer.

Now, the Dine In offer is all but unrecognisable from the original deal. Rather than one specific offer, there are a host of Dine In meal deals all catering to specific tastes.

For example, one focuses on pizza and another on pasta.

There are currently five Dine In options to choose from - you can see them all on this dedicated M&S Dine In page - all priced differently.

When we first noticed the change in strategy last year, here's what an M&S spokesperson told us: “The M&S Dine In offering has grown over the last few years, with the addition of Family Dine In from £15 and special occasion Dine In menus such as Valentine’s Day at £20. 

"The pricing varies to suit the occasion."

So the new £10 meal deal is merely the latest addition to the group, rather than being the Dine In offer.

Right, now that we've got the history lesson out the way, let's look at whether the latest M&S deal is worth getting.   

Is the new M&S Dine In meal deal good value?

M&S Chicken Fest Meal Deal (Image: M&S)

The Chicken Feast Dine In offer includes a main and three sides for £10 and will be available in stores until 8 February.

As you might expect given the name, you choose a whole chicken spiced as you like it and a bunch of potato and veg options to go with it.

Is that good value for £10?

M&S says you'll save up to £12.50 compared to buying the menu items outside of the offer.

That's certainly an impressive saving, but there's no escaping the fact that it doesn't look that great value compared to some rival meal deals for two.

Consider Tesco's £12 Finest offer. While it does cost £2 more, you'll get dessert and a bottle of plonk thrown into the deal.

Given the wines included in meal deals generally cost around £7 on their own, Tesco is undeniably the better offer price-wise.

Of course, some people will simply enjoy M&S food over Tesco, so it isn't just about how much it costs.

We’ll now go into the full options available in the Dine In deal below to help you decide whether it still provides value for money based on your personal preferences.

Chicken Feast M&S meal deal: full menu


  • Garlic and herb whole bird
  • Pork, sage and onion whole bird
  • Rotisserie whole bird
  • Sweet and smoky spatchcock    


  • Sweet potato chips
  • Frites
  • Buttery mash potato
  • Goose fat roast potatoes
  • Layered peas and broccoli
  • Green vegetable medley
  • Corn and mixed veg selection
  • Butternut and mixed veg selection
  • Tenderstem broccoli 
  • Sweetcorn cobs
  • Deli style coleslaw 
  • Chicken gravy 

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