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Mission statement: From personal finance to the global economy, we make sense of money with trusted and insightful content that gets to the heart of wealth, property, business, and economics.

Here at loveMONEY.com we focus on financial trends and money matters not just in the UK but around the globe. Our experienced team are committed to exploring the ways money really does make the world go round, lifting the lid on a range of issues from the cost of living and average salaries to how governments spend money and how billionaires make it.

We’re also passionate about helping you make better decisions with your money.  Whether you’re interested in cutting costs, saving for a home or making the most of your retirement funds, we have you covered.

loveMONEY.com is brought to you by digital publisher Love Incorporated, who also publishes loveEXPLORING.com, loveFOOD.com and lovePROPERTY.com. Love Incorporated is a fully independent company with a proud history of producing trusted digital content since 2007. Our award-winning journalism is free of any bias or external influence.

We are headquartered in the UK but our vastly experienced writers and editors are based around the world, giving us a truly global outlook. Our rigorous editorial standards ensure that we produce accurate, helpful and insightful content that is enjoyed by millions of people in different countries.

About the team

Dom Eames, Editor-in-Chief

After spending his twenties writing and producing film and TV, Dom has led award-winning digital editorial teams for Channel 4, Virgin Media, MSN.com and currently leads the LoveInc. editorial team.

Matt Bradfield, Editor, Features

With over 20 years of experience creating and managing digital content, Matt has worked as a homepage and news editor for MSN and Virgin Media. In a freelance capacity he’s collaborated with major content brands and organisations in the UK and the US, providing editorial support and assisting in product launches and transition projects. Matt joined the loveMONEY team in 2023.

Alice Cattley, Features Editor

Alice joined the loveMONEY team in 2021. She previously worked as a freelance writer, covering topics ranging from fashion to cryptocurrency.

Danielle McAdam, Writer

Danielle has worked in journalism for the past four years. She started her career as a freelancer with DC Thomson in Dundee before joining the loveMONEY team in August 2021.

Damian Clarkson, Editor, Personal Finance

Damian has worked in financial journalism for the last 20 years, focusing mainly on personal finance matters. He has previously worked at MSN, AOL and Press Association.

Contact us

If you have a financial question or issue you think we could help with, please do get in touch: uknews@lovemoney.com.

It can be about any area of finance: whether it’s an energy bill or housing complaint that needs sorting, our team will do their best to help out.


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