M&S Italian Family Dine In meal deal: what’s on offer

Marks and Spencer has launched a new Family Dine In meal deal that will set you back £15. Here’s what you can get.

Marks & Spencer has launched a new Family Dine In deal, which will be available in store until 11 May.

According to M&S, this meal deal will change on a monthly basis and will run alongside its popular £10 Dine In deal.

This deal is more expensive than the £10 Dine In offer, but it does feed four people instead of two. Instead of a main, side and dessert, you’ll get to choose four mains and four extra dishes, which includes starters, sides and desserts.

You can save up to £13 compared to buying the items separately, according to M&S. 

Below is a complete list of what’s on the menu, or you can take a look on this dedicated M&S page.

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  • ‘Nduja meatballs with pappardelle
  • Slow-cooked beef bolognese with tagliatelle
  • Lasagne al forno
  • Pancetta carbonara
  • King prawn risotto
  • Spinach and ricotta giant shells (V)
  • Ultra-thin mozzarella and basil pesto pizza (V)
  • Ultra-thin salami Firenze pizza
  • Ultra-thin spicy chicken arrabbiata pizza
  • Plant Kitchen lasagne (Ve)

Extra dishes:

  • Nocellara olives (V)
  • Mozzarella sticks (V)
  • Mozzarella and Santini tomato side salad (V)
  • Garlic doughballs (V)
  • Pantofola (V)
  • Sweet potato chips (Ve)
  • Tiramisu (V)
  • Gastropub mango and passionfruit panna cotta (V)
  • Triple chocolate sundae (V)
  • Millionaire shortbread cheesecake (V)

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