M&S Family Dine In meal deal: what’s on offer

Marks & Spencer has launched its latest Family Dine In meal deal, but it costs £5 more than usual.

Marks & Spencer's latest Family meal deal has hit the shelves, but it costs a whopping £20 this time round - £5 more than usual.

Crucially, you can still only choose the same number of mains and sides as with the £15 menu.

So why the change?

I contacted M&S to check whether it had officially hiked the price of its popular meal deal for four, but a spokesperson told me it was just a temporary change owing to the increased choice on the menu.

So is the latest food offer, which will be available in stores until 31 May, worth going for?

Is the M&S meal deal good value?

The latest offering features an 'Asian-inspired' menu that we've listed in full below.

There is certainly more to choose from but, as we mentioned above, you still only get to choose two mains and four sides.

And as a result, there's no question the new meal deal doesn't offer the same value for money: M&S says you’ll save up to £6 compared to buying the menu items separately, which is smaller than previous savings of around £10.

M&S meal deal for four: full menu

If you're still interested, below is a complete list of what’s on the menu, or you can look at this dedicated M&S page.

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  • Chicken katsu curry
  • Veggie Singapore noodles (Ve)
  • Firecracker chicken noodles
  • Miso mushroom rice bowl (Ve)
  • Beef rice bowl
  • Miso yaki chicken noodles
  • Yellow chicken curry
  • Yellow tofu curry (Ve)

Extra dishes:

  • Fragrant rice (Ve)
  • Tempura vegetable fritters (Ve)
  • Tiger prawn gyoza
  • Sweetcorn fritters (Ve)
  • Crispy chicken karaage
  • Bang bang noodle slaw (Ve)
  • Pow pow cauliflower (Ve)
  • Trio of dim sum (Ve)
  • Green Thai fish parcels
  • Crispy katsu parcels (Ve)

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