Cheapest supermarket home deliveries: costs at Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and more compared

Updated on 11 January 2021

Whether you shop at Asda, Iceland, Morrisons, Ocado, Tesco, Sainsbury's or Waitrose, we reveal how to find the cheapest supermarket online delivery deals, including the price of monthly passes. Some even offer free deliveries!

Cheap online supermarket deliveries

If you regularly do your grocery shopping online, it's vital you track down the cheapest supermarket delivery deals or you'll end up wasting a load of cash.

Our guide explains how to do just that and covers all the main supermarkets, including Tesco, Sainsbury's, Ocado and Iceland.

But before your scroll to your favourite store, please note some supermarkets have reported a sharp spike in demand for online deliveries due to the latest lockdown, so you may have to wait longer to book a slot at some stores.  

The increased demand is being driven by people worried about stock shortages seen when lockdown was first introduced last March, as well as more demand from clinically vulnerable people who have been asked to shield once more. 

While we can't help you jump the queue, you can at least ensure you pay the lowest possible price for your delivery, whenever that may be. 

Shopping rules: latest restrictions at Asda, Sainsbury's, Tesco & more supermarkets explained

Asda delivery costs

The cheapest supermarket online delivery deals (image: Shutterstock)

Minimum order: £40

Delivery cost: £1-£6.50

Cheapest delivery slots: Monday to Thursday afternoons and evenings

Time slots: two hours

Regular Asda shopper? Grocery Delivery Passes entitle you to free delivery anytime for specific days, but new delivery passes are no longer on sale at the time of writing.

Asda is unable to confirm when delivery passes will go back on sale. We’ll update this article if Asda gets in touch with any new updates.   

When delivery passes were available, shoppers could get an Anytime Delivery Pass, which was available for 12 months. You had to pay £5 a month for 12 months or a £55 one-off payment, or alternatively, you could get a six-month pass for £35 (or six £6 monthly instalments).

There was also a midweek 12-month pass for deliveries on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, which would have set you back £24.

Asda has promised that if your Delivery Pass didn't save you more than you would have spent on standard delivery charges, it will give you an eVoucher for the difference.

Make sure you save on your next shop with these top tips.

Iceland delivery costs

Minimum order: £25

Cost: £2 delivery charge for orders over £25 but less than £35 (free delivery for orders over £35)

Cheapest delivery slots: you only pay for delivery if you spend less than £35

Time slots: two hours

Iceland doesn’t sell delivery passes but does offer a Bonus Card, which will give you access to exclusive offers.

Once you've registered your card, you can load money onto it and Iceland will top up every £20 with £1, effectively a boost of up to 5%.

Iceland will also provide free delivery on spends over £25 to Bonus Cardholders – but only when you pay in store.

Morrisons delivery costs

The cheapest supermarket online delivery deals (image: Shutterstock)

Minimum order: £40

Cost: 99p-£6.90

Cheapest delivery slots: afternoons and evenings, Tuesday-Thursday

Time slots: One hour

Regular Morrisons shopper? A Delivery Pass will entitle you to free delivery anytime for specified periods. 

The anytime pass, which covers deliveries any day of the week, is available for a month (£8), for six months (£40) or annually (£65).

There's also a mid-week pass, which you can use for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday deliveries. Monthly (£5), six-month (£20) and annual (£35) passes are available.

If your Delivery Pass ends up costing more than standard delivery charges, Morrisons will give you a refund.

You can also get a Morrisons More Card to earn points, which you can redeem at the supermarket.

Make sure you save on your next Morrisons shop with these top tips.

Ocado delivery costs

Minimum order: £40

Cost: £2.99-£6.99 or free with spend over £75 for certain orders

Cheapest delivery slots: early morning or late evening

Time slots: One hour

Ocado has paused its Smart Pass and there's no confirmation when they'll be back on sale.  

The Smart Pass entitles you to no extra delivery charges, lets you save at least 10% on selected items and offers access to exclusive sales among other benefits. Delivery charges apply as normal during Christmas week, but Smart Pass holders get priority.

Sainsbury’s delivery costs

The cheapest supermarket online delivery deals (image: Shutterstock)

Minimum order: £25

Cost: £1-£7 or free delivery with spend over £100 for orders delivered between Monday-Thursday after 2pm

Cheapest delivery slots: Tuesdays and Wednesdays (afternoons and evenings)

Time slots: One hour

If you shop at Sainsbury's, you've got a choice between two delivery passes, but you’ll need to spend at least £40 per shop.

The Midweek Delivery Pass covers deliveries on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and is available for three months (£10), six months (£18) and 12 months (£30).

The Anytime Delivery Pass covers deliveries any day of the week, and costs £20 for three months, £35 for six months and £60 for 12 months.

Sainsbury’s will send you a voucher to cover any difference if you haven’t saved money with a Delivery Pass.

Get a Nectar card to earn points, which can be redeemed at Sainsbury’s, as well as 500 other brands.

Heading off to Sainsbury's? Save with our top shopping tips, and don't forget you can rack up Nectar points whenever you shop with a credit card from Sainsbury’s Bank.

Tesco delivery costs

Minimum order: £40

Delivery cost: £4.50 (or £5.50 for orders from Customer Fulfilment Centres) + £4 if you spend under £40

Time slots: One hour (but you can save money by opting for a four-hour window)

Unfortunately, Tesco has paused new registrations for its Delivery Saver pass.

“Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve worked very hard to increase our online capacity and have more than doubled our slots each week,” said a spokesperson for Tesco.

“We continue to offer priority access to over 600,000 of our most vulnerable customers.

“We’ve temporarily paused new sign-ups for Delivery Saver so that we can support existing and vulnerable customers given the high demand for online slots.”

When the Delivery Saver pass was available, you paid £7.99 for one month or £47.94 for six months for one delivery a day with a minimum order of £40.

There was also the option of paying £6.99 a month for six months or its cheaper midweek delivery saver pass, which cost £3.99 a month.

Similar to some rival schemes, you got a grocery eCoupon if you didn’t save money with the Delivery Saver plan.

Don’t forget Tesco’s Clubcard scheme, where you earn points that can be turned into vouchers for shopping or days out.

Save on your next Tesco shop with our top frugal tips. Also, don't forget you can boost your credit score and earn Clubcard points when you shop with this credit card.

Waitrose delivery costs

The cheapest supermarket online delivery deals (image: Shutterstock)

Minimum order: £40

Cost: free

Cheapest slots: delivery is always free

Time slots: One hour

Regular Waitrose shopper? Join MyWaitrose for free as it provides a number of offers, but almost all are only available in store.

Make sure you save on your next Waitrose shop with our top frugal tips. You can also earn points every time you shop at Waitrose with this credit card.

Top tips for saving on all online grocery shopping

1. Sign up for emails with all of the supermarket websites, even if you don't intend to shop with them straight away.

Like all retailers, supermarkets often send out discount codes (such as 15% off your shopping) to entice us to shop with them, which will usually more than cover the delivery charge.

2. Switch around. Never use the same delivery service twice in a row. Supermarkets tend to ignore loyal customers and send their best deals to those who haven't used their service for a while – make them stew and watch the offers roll in!

3. Complain, complain, complain. If there is anything at all wrong with your shopping (late delivery, damaged fruit or vegetables, items too close to their sell-by date, dented tins) don't just accept it, phone up and tell them.

Most customer service managers are keen that you enjoy the service and will often replace or simply refund your money, straight away.

What's more, depending on the problem many will issue credit notes too, giving money off your next delivery (which may cover that delivery fee!).

4. Check prices. Depending on what you buy you could still end up spending more at different supermarkets, even if your delivery costs nothing.

5. Don't forget Click & Collect. A number of supermarkets offer Click & Collect services, where you order in advance and simply have to pick up the shopping, which is already bagged up and ready for you. 

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