Asda shopping tips: bag up to £100 'cashback'

Asda shopping tips: bag up to £100 'cashback'

Shop regularly at Asda? Here are the best ways to make your money go further whether you shop online or in-store, including three ways to earn cashback.

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Updated on 16 January 2024

Cashback tip #1: get an Asda credit card

Asda has just launched a new promotion that will allow new credit card customers to earn up to £100 'cashback' at the supermarket.

Those who apply for either of Asda Money's credit cards will be able to earn a handy 10% back on their Asda purchases over the first 90 days.

Any money you earn won't be paid out in money, but rather in Asda Pounds, which as the name suggests can only be spent with the supermarket.

The maximum amount you can earn over the introductory period is capped at £100 and you'll need to apply before 11 March, 2024 to qualify for the promotion.

Which Asda credit card is right for you?

If you fancy taking advantage of the offer there are two credit cards available to you: the Asda Money Credit Card and the Asda Money Select Credit Card  

If you're planning to use your card to pay for your Asda shopping and clear the debt in full each month (as you absolutely should) then there isn't much difference between the two cards

Both cards come with the 10% cashback offer on Asda spend in the first 90 days, which falls to 1% thereafter. Likewise, all non-Asda spending attracts a 'cashback' rate of just 0.3% on both and there is no annual fee to watch out for. 

The only meaningful difference between them is the interest rate: the Asda Money card has a representative APR of 25.9% while the Select credit card charges 34.9%.

The Select card charges a higher rate as it's aimed more at borrowers looking to improve or build their credit rating. 

If your rating isn't currently excellent then that would be the better card to go for.

Of course, not everyone is going to be happy having to take out a credit card just to earn something back on their Asda shopping. If that's you, then there are other cashback options available to you...

Cashback tip #2: sign up to Asda Rewards

Asda Rewards is another way shoppers can a little something back when they spend at the supermarket.

By scanning the app every time you shop, you can build up your ‘cashpot’.

It’s essentially a cashback balance that can then be used in Asda down the line to reduce the size of your shopping.

‘Cashpot’ rewards can be earned in two main ways. The first is by purchasing ‘star products’, where you get 10% of the product’s price added to your cashpot. 

There are also ‘milestone missions’ which you can complete for further cashpot additions.

These missions will vary and could cover spending a certain amount in a particular department or spending a minimum amount over a series of visits.

The scheme is free to join, so it’s got to be worth a try for regular and even occasional Asda shoppers.

Cashback tip #3: use a cashback website

Cashback websites are always a good option when shopping online, and that extends to doing your food shopping too. 

Some of the big cashback sites pay cashback when you spend with Asda through them.

For example, at TopCashback you can get up to £10 when you spend at least £48 at Asda, while at Quidco you can earn up to £5. 

You just need to register for one of these sites, click on the tracked Asda links and do your shopping as normal.

Cashback will then be paid into your account once your purchase is verified.

While offers are sometimes reserved for first-time customers, they may also be on offer to existing shoppers.

Don't forget about voucher codes

Another good option if you want to save some cash at Asda is to see if there are any voucher codes you can apply to your shop, which will reduce the size of your bill.

There is no shortage of voucher code websites to choose from, though be warned these are often limited to only new shoppers.

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Pick up a Christmas Savings Card

It may only just have passed, but the earlier you start saving up for Christmas 2024 the better. 

The Asda Christmas Savings Card allows you save money on the card and, come November, you'll receive a bonus based upon what you've saved.

If you save £30, you'll get a £1 bonus; while saving £280 will bag you a healthy £15 bonus. 

You can load money onto the card at the checkout; an easy way to do this is simply rounding up your bill, or you can top it up online.

Make sure to register your card online so you still have access to your money if you lose the card.

Also, keep in mind that the card balance can only be spent at Asda and that the scheme isn't FSCS protected, so you would lose your money in the unlikely event the supermarket went under.

To save even more, combine your use of the Christmas Savings Card with a cashback credit card; learn more about these here.

Get a Delivery Pass

Asda charges up to £4.50 for for each online grocery delivery, but you can save with the Asda Delivery Pass.

You are allowed to order as many deliveries as you might need for a set monthly or annual price, plus you have access to peak-time delivery slots at no extra cost.

Delivery Pass options include:

  • Anytime Delivery Pass – 12 months (£65 one-off payment);
  • Midweek Delivery Pass – 12 months (Tuesday to Thursday for £35 one-off payment).

You can also opt to pay for them monthly, in which case they cost £6.50 a month for the anytime pass and £3.50 a month for the midweek pass.

The delivery pass comes with a savings guarantee. Asda promises if the pass doesn’t save you more than standard delivery charges, you’ll receive an eVoucher for the difference.

Don’t forget to spend a minimum of £40 each time you use your pass. If your shop is below the minimum spend you can still checkout, but you'll be charged the price of your chosen delivery slot.

You can also check out our guide on supermarket deliveries and how to save money.

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Try Asda’s Just Essentials range

Asda relaunched its budget range last year with the new name of Just Essentials.

It’s a no-frills range, but it can work out substantially cheaper than going for the pricier, branded alternatives. 

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