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Updated on 04 July 2022

Make your money go further whenever you shop in-store or online at Tesco.

Use Tesco voucher codes & cashback

If you've never shopped online before, Tesco will usually offer you some kind of money-off discount for doing so.

It's also worth signing up to a cashback website like My Money PocketQuidco or Topcashback as these have loads of Tesco-based offers for both new and regular shoppers.

Join Tesco Clubcard or Clubcard Plus

It's an obvious tip, but make sure you take advantage of Tesco’s loyalty and reward programme, Tesco Clubcard.

Members collect points each time they shop and scan their Clubcard. Once the points tally reaches 150, Tesco: shopping tips and tricks to save moneyvouchers are sent with each Clubcard statement.

These can be spent in-store or online but they are worth more with Clubcard Boost.

This enables you to spend the vouchers with various Tesco partners including theme parks, restaurants and cinemas.

Tesco regulars could also consider Tesco's fee-charging Clubcard Plus scheme, which offers even more generous perks in return for a £7.99 monthly fee.

The scheme certainly isn't for everyone, so you need to do the sums before signing up. But, in short, if you spend at least £80 a month in-store then you'll probably save money.

Regardless of which one you choose, have a read of our handy guide to making the most of your Clubcard points.

Consider Tesco Delivery Saver for online shops

Tesco online deliveries generally cost £5.50 – plus an additional £4 charge if your bill is under £40.

These costs can quickly add up so, if you go for two or more deliveries a month, you could save a small fortune by signing up for Tesco Delivery Saver, which costs £7.99 a month.

Do so and any grocery orders worth £40 or more will be delivered to your home without incurring any delivery charges. 

Please note you'll have to pay an extra £2 if you want same-day delivery (which is only an option in some areas).

Cut your grocery bill

Tesco meal planner (Image: Tesco)

Tesco’s online meal planner can help you plan your week’s meals in advance, avoid pricey impulse buys, and waste less food.

It also has a section of budget recipes and a “leftovers” tool to see what you could make with random items in your fridge or cupboards.

For more tips to save on your grocery shop, read our handy guide and look out for our weekly round-up of the best supermarket deals.

Shop with a Tesco Credit Card

If you regularly shop at Tesco, you could be better off using a Tesco credit card to pay for your purchases.

You'll generally get five Clubcard points for every £4 you spend in Tesco (or on Tesco fuel) and one point for every £8 spent elsewhere.

If you have a very good credit rating, you could go for the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card for Purchases, which offers up to 22 months interest-free on purchases, or the Tesco Bank Clubcard Low APR Credit Card which charges 9.9% on all spending.

Alternatively, there's the Tesco Foundation card, which is ideal for those looking to rebuild their credit score.

Scan as you shop in-store

Online shopping can help you avoid overspending as you can see exactly how much you are spending before you reach the till although in-store Clubcard members can do this too using “Scan As You Shop” at selected stores.

Shoppers take a barcode scanner around the supermarket, scan items as they go, pack them into bags then pay at the Scan As You Shop payment area.

Sign up to the Christmas Saver scheme

You might not be thinking about the festive season given it's the middle of summer, but setting small sums aside now in Tesco's Christmas Saver scheme could land you with a much-needed buffer for your December grocery bill.

The main attraction of this scheme is that you can top up your savings and get a bonus that far exceeds what you’d get for putting your money in a savings account.

A top-up of between £25 and £49.50 earns a £1.50 bonus; £50 to £99.50 a £3 bonus; £100 to £199.50 a £6 bonus; and £200 to £360 a £12 bonus.

Christmas Saver members receive all their Clubcard vouchers, top-up vouchers and bonus vouchers in their November statement each year – all in time for the Christmas shop.


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