How to boost your Tesco Clubcard points

Updated on 23 November 2018

Next year you won't be able to collect Clubcard points at Esso stations as the company is switching to the Nectar scheme. Here's a look at what's changing, as well as some top tips to boost your points for spending elsewhere.

Esso to switch from Clubcard to Nectar

Bad news for Clubcard members: Esso is to stop giving out Clubcard points from June 2019.

The petrol station chain is switching to Nectar's scheme.

The shift is "a serious blow to Tesco Clubcard", according to Anika Newjoto, editor of supermarket loyalty points website

Newjoto pointed out that the closure of Tesco Direct and Tesco Wines this year has also reduced shoppers' ability to collect points. 

You can still collect Clubcard points by filling up at Tesco's own forecourts, and the earnings rate is slightly better: one point per £2 spent as opposed to one point for two litres of fuel at Esso.

If you're unsure whether Clubcard is the best option for you, read our tips below.

Earn extra points using the Pay+ app

Shoppers can earn up to 25% extra points by using Tesco's Pay+ app until December 31 as the supermarket giant looks to get more people spending through its app.

The Pay+ app, launched last year, allows you to earn points and pay for your shop by scanning your smartphone at the till.

Normally, shoppers can earn one point for every £1 spent at Tesco. But, if you use the app, you'll collect one extra point for every £4 you spend in Tesco; five points in total.

The 25% bonus offer has appeared on-and-off since September, so its extension until the end of this year provides a major opportunity to earn points.

You can also use the app at Tesco petrol stations but there's a maximum spend of £250.

The Pay+ app is available for iOS and Android and links your Tesco account with a credit or debit card.

Find out more about the app by reading Tesco Pay+ app: extra Clubcard points and even more benefits

Bank with Tesco


The Tesco Bank Current Account allows you to earn points on almost everything you buy with your debit card.

Until April 2019, you can collect one Clubcard point for every £1 you spend in Tesco and one point for every £8 you spend everywhere else.

Clubcard points aren’t the only perk of the Tesco Bank Current Account.

You can also earn 3% on balances up to £3,000 until April 2019. Read more in Tesco Bank Current Account: everything you need to know about the rates and rewards.

Use the right credit card

Tesco Clubcard credit cards are a great way to earn extra Clubcard points wherever you shop.

The Premium Credit Card you'll collect one point for every £1 spent in Tesco and one point for every £4 spent outside Tesco.

All the other credit cards will earn you one Clubcard point for every £4 spent in Tesco and one point for every £8 spent outside Tesco.  

The Clubcard for Purchases gives you 20 months of interest-free spending so it’s ideal if you’re looking at some big purchases.

There's also the low APR card has a 5.9% rate and charges you no interest on spending in the first month.

Fuel your motor

You can collect one Clubcard point for every £2 spent on Tesco Unleaded, Tesco Diesel and Tesco Momentum at selected forecourts.

Until June 2019 at Esso stations, you’ll get one point for every £3 spent on petrol and diesel at any Esso forecourt with a Tesco shop.

You’ll also collect a point for every two litres of petrol or diesel bought at other participating Esso Service Stations and a point for every £1 spent on shop products (some exclusions apply) or car washes at participating Esso service stations.

Switch mortgage

It doesn't matter if you're moving home, remortgaging or a first-time buyer, Tesco Bank has a range of mortgages on offer. 

Choose between a two, three or five-year fixed-rate mortgage (up to 95% LTV) or a two-year tracker mortgage (90% LTV). 

You'll automatically get one point for every £4 you pay on your monthly mortgage payments, including overpayments.

Of course, this shouldn't be the main reason you take out or switch your mortgage. Find the right home loan for you at the loveMONEY mortgage centre.

Switch your mobile contract

If you sign up with Tesco Mobile, you can collect one Clubcard point for every £1 you spend on topping up in-store, online or over the phone or for what you rack up on your pay monthly bill.

Compare mobile phone deals with Recombu

Share your shopping opinions

Sign up to Shopper Thoughts and you could earn an average of 100 points for a 15-minute survey.


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