Supermarket quiet shopping hours at Aldi, Asda, Morrisons and Tesco

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Many supermarkets offer a dedicated quiet hour for shoppers that is more sensory-friendly. Here's when to shop at Tesco, Morrisons and Asda if you want a calmer shopping experience.

Some shoppers will find the weekly supermarket shop a stressful experience because of its bright lights and loud noises.

In response, various supermarkets have introduced a ‘quiet hour’ that offers a calmer shopping environment.

To be clear, the quiet hour doesn't guarantee that there will be fewer customers, but rather that factors such as lighting and intercom announcements are toned down compared to 'normal' shopping hours.

That said, they are always offered outside of peak shopping times, so they're likely to be less busy overall.

Of the major supermarkets, Aldi, Asda, Morrisons and Tesco have confirmed to us that they offer quieter shopping hours, while Lidl, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose do not.

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So let's run through when to head out if you want a calmer shopping experience and what to expect when you get to the store.

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Aldi quiet hour

Aldi currently offers a quiet shopping experience at around 100 Aldi of its stores.

The discount supermarket says it will offer a "sensory friendly" experience every Tuesday between 6pm and 8:30pm.

It's currently just a trial that's set to run until October.

Asda quiet hour

Asda has announced it’ll run a ‘quieter hour’ in all of its stores between 2pm and 3pm from Monday to Thursday.

The supermarket chain said that there will be ‘reduced noise levels’ in-store at this time to make shopping more accessible for customers with additional needs.

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Morrisons quiet shopping hour

Morrisons says it has a 'quieter hour' at all of its stores on Saturdays from 9am to 10am.

During these times, the lights will be dimmed and the music turned off.

Staff will avoid making announcements, reduce the movement of trolleys and baskets, as well as turn down electrical noises such as checkout beeps.

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Tesco quiet hour

Tesco offers quieter shopping hours in its large stores on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9am to 10am.

The lights will be dimmed, and checkout noises will be lowered at these times.

Tesco also plans to reduce the noise of self-service tills and Scan As You Shop devices in the future.

Tesco store (Image: lovemoney - Shutterstock)

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