Best free lotteries: Pick My Postcode, birthdate lotto & more

There are loads of free lotteries to choose from, most of which you can enter online. We take a look at the likes of Pick My Postcode, DOB Lotto and more.

If you like the thrill of playing the lottery without having to pay for a ticket, there are a range of free lotteries available online.

Most of the prizes aren’t anywhere near as big as the National Lottery or EuroMillions, but you don’t lose anything as all of them cost nothing to enter.

We haven't included Premium Bonds as, although you do get to keep your initial stake, the fact is you do have to forego interest on your savings in order to enter the prize draw.

So here are the UK’s best free lotteries.

Pick My Postcode – Prizes of up to £1,000

Pickmyposcode is a free lottery (Image: Pickmypostcode)

With this free lottery, you need to visit the website and enter your postcode and email address. Your postcode will then be entered into the draw every day.

The site gives away up to £1,000 via its main draw every day, but if it isn’t claimed within 24 hours, it rolls over to the next winning postcode.

You just need to remember to log in every day to see if you have won.

But as this is a postcode lottery, you’ll share the jackpot with any of your neighbours who are also registered on the site and remember to check the draw.

The more neighbours who sign up, the more chance there is of your postcode getting drawn, but you will have to share the prize.

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DOB Lotto – £50 daily jackpot

With the birthdate lottery you sign up on the website although you enter your date of birth into the draw.

If your day, month and year of birth are drawn, you will win £50.

If the same date of birth has been entered more than once by different members, the prize is shared between them.

You have to log in and claim your prize as it won’t be paid out automatically.

Lucky Emoji – £10 daily prize

With this one, you select three emojis and enter them.

If your emojis match the ones drawn daily, you could win £10 but you’ll need to check every day to see if you’ve won.

The prize is small, but again it costs nothing to enter so who are we to complain?

You can register at Lucky Emoji.

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Free Lucky Lottery – win up to £52 daily

On Free Lucky Lottery, you simply enter your email address and choose a 4-digit lucky number to get started.

You can win from £10 up to a maximum of £52.

Similar to other free lotteries, you have to check the site every day to claim your share of the daily pot (if you win) and you must claim within 24 hours.

Free Lucky Lottery also donates a percentage of all ad revenue to several UK charities, including Cancer Research UK and British Red Cross.


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