Tesco to axe Clubcard Boost event

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The summer Tesco Clubcard Boost starting in May will be the last. Here's what you need to know.

Tesco has announced it is scrapping its Clubcard Boost event, which allows Clubcard holders to double the value of their Clubcard vouchers at certain times of the year.

In a letter being sent to 4.2 million shoppers this week, Tesco says it’s working on other ways to enhance its Clubcard loyalty scheme all year round.

The last-ever Clubcard Boost will take place from 16th May and will run until 26th June.

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What’s in the last Clubcard Boost event?

The summer Clubcard Boost double-up event will start on 16th May and run for six weeks until 26th June.

As usual you can exchange £5 worth of Clubcard vouchers for a £10 boost voucher, which can then be spent in a range of departments in store and online.

This year, Tesco says you can use your vouchers in 11 different departments including:

  • Electricals
  • Home, cook and dine
  • Entertainment, books and gaming
  • Clothing (in-store only)
  • Skincare and cosmetics
  • Garden and BBQs
  • Opticians
  • Travel and camping
  • Sports and leisure
  • Mobile phones and accessories
  • Toys

Some exclusions will apply (check out the full list here) and you can only shop direct with Tesco in store and online rather than Approved Tesco Partners.

To exchange the vouchers, you will need to go to the customer service desk in store (Superstore, Extra or Metro but not Express stores) or use the Tesco Clubcard website.

There's no limit on the amount of vouchers you can swap, but once you’ve got your Boost vouchers they can’t be swapped back and you must spend them by 26th June. So you should make sure you exchange only as much as you will spend to avoid losing out.

What’s in store for Clubcard users?

Tesco says it’s scrapping its Clubcard Boost events so that shoppers get more from their Clubcard all year round rather than at certain times of the year.

The Clubcard scheme allows shoppers to earn one point for every pound they spend. Each point is worth 1p and every three months shoppers are sent vouchers, as long as they have 150 points. The vouchers can be used in store or online, for fuel, with Clubcard Boost partners and until 26th June through Clubcard Boost events.

Shoppers that collect points with their Clubcard, will continue to get Clubcard vouchers four times a year. Clubcard holders will also still be able to use their vouchers with Boost Partners, where you can currently get four times the value for your vouchers whenever you like. To replace the Boost events Tesco says over the coming months it will be doing more to help shoppers boost their points balance faster, like offering more ways to earn double points.

What can Christmas Savers do?

Christmas Savers, who choose to save up all their vouchers in time for the festive period, can carry on saving vouchers as normal or opt out of the scheme by 5th May 2016 in order to take part in the last Boost event.

To opt out you just need sign in to your My Clubcard Account, go to ‘My Account Details’ and select ‘Options and Benefits’ and uncheck the box saying ‘Christmas Savers’. Alternatively, you can call 08000234912 or 0330123 0258.

However, if you opt out of the Christmas Saver Scheme, any money you have topped up this year to get a bonus will be given back to you on a Tesco Gift Card.

How to earn more Clubcard points

If you want to get more from your Clubcard, you should try to build up your points balance.

The simplest route is to do as much of your shopping with Tesco as you can, but there are lots of other things you can try to bump up your total.

With the Tesco Bank Current Account for example your debit card doubles as a Clubcard and allows you to earn five points for every £4 spent in Tesco and one point for every £8 spent elsewhere. On top of that you also get 3% interest on balances up to £3,000.

Tesco Bank also offers extra Clubcard points on its credit card deals. The Tesco Bank Purchase Card, for example, comes with 17 months 0% on purchases and offers 1000 Clubcard points when you make a purchase or a balance transfer within two months of account opening.

For more read: How to boost your Clubcard points.

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