Scottish & Southern Energy launches cheapest dual fuel energy tariff

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Big six energy supplier Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) is now offering the cheapest dual fuel energy plan around.

Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) has launched a new dual fuel energy tariff which is now the cheapest on the market.

The Discount Energy Bonus April 2015 will cost around £1,146 a year, making it £4 cheaper than the next best deal – the isave Dual Fuel v14 from First Utility - which costs nearer £1,150 a year.

The new deal from SSE is a discounted variable product, meaning the gas and electricity costs aren’t set in stone.

That said, prices on the Discounted Energy Bonus April 2015 are guaranteed to be 11% cheaper than SSE’s standard energy rates until 31st March 2014 and then 2% cheaper until the 1st of April 2015.

Big six

For a while now smaller companies like First Utility and Co-op Energy have been dominating the top spots on the best buy tables.

The new tariff from SSE makes it the only large supplier in the top five at the moment.

SSE’s new deal is £36 cheaper than the next cheapest energy plan from a big six supplier, EDF’s Blue +Price Promise June 2014, which costs £1,182 a year. However, the plan from EDF is fixed, offering protection from price rises until June 2014.

Fixed vs. variable

After a raft of price hikes last year some may prefer to fix the prices they pay for energy to protect their finances.

In which case the cheapest fixed price deal currently comes from First Utility’s  iSave Fixed v6 April 2014 and costs £1,170 a year.

The top ten cheapest energy tariffs

If you want to find out the best deal on offer in your area check out our energy comparison centre.

In the meantime here is a table with the top ten cheapest dual fuel energy plans around at the moment.



Average Cost




Cancellation Penalties


Discounted Energy Bonus April 2015



Discounted Variable

Prices are guaranteed to be 11% cheaper until 31st March 2014, and 2% cheaper from 1st April 2014 until 1st April 2015.

£50 if you switch away before 1st April 2015

First Utility

iSave Dual Fuel v14



Discounted Variable

Prices fixed for three months then variable.

£30 per  fuel until end of three month fix then no penalty

Co-op Energy





Includes recent price drop. Available with paper bill at no extra cost.


First Utility

iSave Fixed v6 April 2014




Prices fixed until 30 April 2014

£30 per fuel until end of fix

OVO Energy

New Energy Fixed




Prices fixed for 12 months

£30 per fuel until end of fix


Blue +Price Promise June 2014




Prices fixed until 30 June 2014



Energy Online August 2014




Customers on this tariff are guaranteed at least 2% lower bill than npower’s current Standard (off-line) variable prices until 31st August 2014

£30 per fuel until end of discount period


Online Variable February 2014



Discounted Variable

6% discount against Clear & Simple prices until 28th February 2014

£30 per fuel until end of discount period

Sainsbury's Energy

Online January 2014



Discounted Variable

6% discount against Clear & Simple prices until 31st January 2014

£30 per fuel until end of discount period


Online Fixed Price Energy September 2014




Prices fixed until 31st August 2014


Source: on 17/1/2013

All calculations are for an average usage dual fuel household paying by monthly direct debit. Average usage as defined by OFGEM is 16,500 kWh pa of gas and 3,300 kWh pa of electricity

*on a typical bill

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