Would you to take a trip to Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else affected by terrorists?

Would you to take a trip to Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else affected by terrorists?

We're asking readers if they would travel to an area that's been affected by terrorism. Have your say in the poll below.

Anna Jordan

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Anna Jordan
Updated on 27 January 2016

We associate terrorist hotspots with Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and some parts of Iran, and very few of us would go there for any reason, never mind a holiday. 

But last year, terrorist attacks in France, Denmark, Tunisia and Egypt resulted in a dramatic drop in holiday searches to formerly popular destinations. Even places that are on high alert have seen a fall in tourism. In fact, it affected a trip I took to Brussels last December after a number of our group decided to drop out at the last minute.  

Some travel companies are trying to jumpstart tourism in these areas by offering brilliant trips at tiny prices, hoping to appeal to cash-strapped adventurers with a steely nerve. For example, an Emirates flight from London Gatwick to Kabul, Afghanistan flying out on 16 March 2016 and returning on 23 March 2016 is £477.21 all in! There is a long stop at Dubai International each way but still, that’s a cracking price.

As you can imagine, these flights aren’t normally fully booked up, mostly catering for aid workers and Afghans returning home to see family.

Although many areas of Afghanistan are dangerous, the country itself has a wealth of beautiful landmarks, gardens and religious buildings to visit as well as Kofta meatballs, lamb kababs and a variety of rice dishes to try.

But how about you? Would you holiday in a place that's been affected by terrorism and if so, which one?

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