Become a pensions expert in five days

Find out how to become a pensions expert in five days - it's a lot easier thank you think!

Pensions can be confusing and scary, but they're also really important. If you're under 55, or even 60, it's not too late to try and improve your pension provision. So if you're wondering what you should do next, check out Ed Bowsher's five-part blog series: Become a pensions expert in five days.

Read one part every day, and in five days' time, you'll be a pensions expert!

Part one - the state pension and final salary pensions

Ed explains the basic state pension and final salary pension schemes. If you're a member of a final salary scheme, be happy! Read part one... 

Part two - defined contribution schemes

Ed moves onto defined contribution schemes. The more money you pay in now, the more comfortable your retirement. Read part two...

Part three - annuities

This post looks at annuities. It's crucial you shop around when you buy an annuity. Otherwise you could miss out on thousands of pounds. Read part three...

Part four - savings levels

How much do you need to save now for your pension? Read part four...

Part five - the best way to save

Is building a pension pot the best way to save for your retirement? Read part five... 


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