Cars, electronics, TV, computers: the best months to bag a bargain

Cars, electronics, TV, computers: the best months to bag a bargain

Dishwashers in February, electronics in May, cars in September; different months work out best if you're on the hunt for specific bargains.

Emma Lunn

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Emma Lunn
Updated on 16 April 2014

Canny shoppers should do more than just shop around and compare prices on the goods they’re buying – they need to wait for the right time of year to buy certain goods too.

Which? has done some research on the best months to find bargains on the high street on everything from cars to computers.

So when should you go shopping?


New Year is typical sales season on the high street with stores keen to flog stock they couldn’t shift over the Christmas season. January sales tend to include most consumer electronics such as satnavs, DVD players, cameras and printers. You might pick up some kitchen appliances such as kettles and toasters on the cheap too.

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According to Which? shoppers can snap up end-of-line appliances such as washing machines, fridge freezers and dishwashers in February.


If you’ve spotted someone driving round in a flash new motor with a shiny new “14” registration plate, they will be one of the thousands of drivers that headed to the showroom last month to buy a new car.

The new number plates means that March typically sees a busy second-hand market as drivers and dealers try to offload older models. But it’s not a good time to buy a convertible – you’re better off waiting until November.


With the four-day Easter weekend and May Bank Holidays also coming up, April is the month homeowners go DIY crazy.

DIY stores such as Homebase and Wickes stock new product lines at this time of year and may sell off old stock on the cheap.

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With the summer holidays getting closer, May can see electronic retailers offer tempting deals on end-of-the line cameras. So whether you want a point-and-shoot to put in your pocket or something more sophisticated, May’s the time budding photographers should go shopping.


The start of summer is also a good time to pick up a new TV. As new models launch, older models will drop in price.

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According to Which? the (hopefully) warm weather means drivers will be buying convertibles, but not off-roaders, so if you fancy a 4x4, now’s the time to go shopping and haggle.

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Despite being the middle of the school and university holidays, August is the time when shops start targeting kids and students heading off to school or college in the coming months. Expect to see discounted printers, ink, laptops and software.


More new number plates mean September is a good as time as March to shop around for a new car. Whether you’re buying new or second-hand, make sure you compare finance deals too as what’s on offer in the showroom might not be the best option.

September also sees the focus on students continue with deals on kettles and toasters ready for the start of the academic year.

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The end of summer means October is a good month to buy cheap garden furniture as well as holiday items such as cameras.


Cold weather and rain makes November the best time to buy a convertible sports car as owners lose interest. Just remember to keep the roof on until the sun comes out again.


With Christmas upon us, shops will be trying to flog all kinds of things that make perfect Christmas presents – coffee machines and food processors will often be reduced according to Which?

The past few years have seen many shops start discounting before Christmas rather than in the New Year, so it could be a good time to seek out some other bargains too.

Does Which's research tally with your own experiences? Have you spotted particular months that are good for certain bargains? Share your bargain tips in the comments box below.

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