Cheap Christmas drinks 2013

Now is the time to take advantage of the various cheap deals on festive drinks to stock up in time for Christmas.

To help you save a few pounds this Christmas and still get suitably merry, here are some of the top deals on both alcoholic and soft drinks at the moment.

Champagne and bubbly

Under £5

Under £10

Under £20

Under £30


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Beer, lager and cider

Soft drinks

If you need to stock up on soft drinks, there are still bargains to be had.

  • At Sainsbury's packs of 12 Coca Cola cans are on a two for £7 offer and two-litre bottles of R Whites lemonade are now £1, down from £1.29. Bottles of 500ml of Sprite are included in a two for £2 deal and bottles of Lilt are priced at two for £3.
  • Asda has dropped the price on bottles of Dr Pepper, Fanta and Lilt and they're all included in a two for £3 deal.
  • Over at Tesco there are some good bargains on fresh juices. Tropicana cartons are included in a three for £4 deal in a range of flavours such as apple, grapefruit, red grape, pineapple and orange. Ocado has cut the price of Innocent juices and you can get an apple or orange juice for £2.99 each or two for £4.

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