Morrisons More deadline: exchange your points for vouchers by August 9

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Shoppers have just days left to switch their Morrisons More points into vouchers or risk losing them.

Shoppers are running out of time to turn their Morrisons More loyalty points into vouchers.

Back in March, the supermarket announced it was replacing the Morrisons More loyalty scheme ‒ which relied on presenting a physical loyalty card at the till ‒ is to be replaced with a new app-based programme called My Morrisons where shoppers get more personalised offers.

The supermarket set a deadline for using your loyalty points of 9 August, so you have just days left to turn any points you may have accrued into vouchers.

Once you've done that, you could look at signing up for the new My Morrisons scheme. We've run through how it works below.

How the new My Morrisons scheme works

Rather than offering a physical card, Morrisons’ new loyalty programme is instead based on its app.

The idea is that shoppers will be provided with personalised money-off discounts through the app, which can be immediately ‘activated’.

You’ll get a barcode on the app which you can then scan at the checkout to receive the discount on your shopping.

The app is free, while it’s also free to sign up to the More scheme in its current form.

With the old Morrisons More points scheme, regular Morrisons customers could be confident that they would always get something back on the money they spent in-store, no matter what they bought.

That isn’t necessarily the case with this new programme: with personalised offers, there is inevitably a risk that the perks that come through the app won’t be particularly relevant to you.

There is also more onus on the shopper themselves to be an active participant in order to get something out of the new scheme. 

Under the old More points programme, all I had to do was produce my card at the till in order to enjoy the rewards. 

However, this new version requires me to download an app, go into that app before shopping in order to ‘activate’ any relevant offers, and then remember to produce the app’s barcode at the till in order to receive those offers. 

If we are being honest, there will undoubtedly be times when at least one of these steps is forgotten by shoppers, potentially meaning they miss out on a money-saving deal.

Of course, it’s certainly not the only loyalty scheme operated by supermarkets. For a full rundown of the loyalty schemes run by rival supermarkets, check out our comprehensive loyalty scheme guide. 

As always, the best scheme for you may come down to which supermarket you use most regularly.

For example, if I always do my shopping at Tesco then the Clubcard scheme is going to work out more lucratively for me, than if I tend to chop and change which store I use on a weekly basis.


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