How to make and save money with your mobile phone

Updated on 16 July 2014

It's not just there for calls and text messages. You can make and save some serious money from your mobile phone if you follow these tips!

Earn cash back when you buy a phone

The easiest way to make money from your mobile phone comes before you even buy the phone itself. When the time comes to take up a new phone or mobile contract, make sure you visit a few cashback sites first.

This is because they all offer terrific cashback deals for signing up to a new deal. Take a look at the likes of Quidco, TopCashback, GreasyPalm and Rpoints. Whichever you use, you are sure to make a few quid just by taking a few seconds to go via your cashback site when shopping for your new phone or contract!

Trade it in!

Of course, if you have no use for an old mobile, you can make a few quid by cashing it in with one of the many phone recycling outfits. Give them your old handset, and get cold hard cash in exchange!

One great site for this is You just search for your mobile, and check out how much you can get for trading it in.

Envirofone is certainly not the only site where you can do this of course. Others worth a look include Fonebank, Love2recycle, Mazuma and Mobilephoneexchange.

And if you want to get double the bang for your buck, why not go to one of these sites via a cashback website! You'll not only get cash for your mobile, but extra cash on top! Brilliant!

Save on the move

By downloading the likes of the Vouchercodes and Vouchercode apps, you can save money while you're out and about by checking out the latest discount vouchers.


Check in for cash

You can not only make money by getting a phone via a cashback website. You can also earn a little bit of money by 'checking in' using cashback apps when you're out shopping and take advantage of in-store cashback offers.

Just download the Quidco app and browse away.


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