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Say no to 0845 and 0870 numbers: how to call them for free

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15 April 2015

These numbers can cost a fortune, so here are some ways to avoid paying for them.

Move to a package that offers them for free

Many phone providers now offer free calls to 0870 and 0845 numbers. Check what's included in your home phone package and when you can call them, i.e. is it just evenings or weekends or all the time?

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Find a free number

The website saynoto0870.com provides a list of alternative 01/02/03 numbers that can be dialled instead of an 0845 or 0870 number. However, it's not foolproof and sadly there are some scammers posting fake phone numbers on there. Tread with a bit of caution.

You could also look on a company's website for numbers that are meant for people to use if they're calling from overseas. Believe it or not, some companies now block these numbers if you're calling them from a UK landline or mobile. Alternatively, you could call a company's sales line, if it's free (and let's face it, they generally are as they want our business), and ask to be transferred at their expense.

You could also use an override provider – this is a phone company that undercuts your regular phone supplier. You just sign up and then dial a prefix number before the phone number you are calling. Popular override numbers include 1899 and 18185, but do an online search to check the best one based on your phone contract.

What about 0871 and 0844?

Calls to 0871 and 0844 numbers are not included in any packages. Call charges start at 5p a minute, but depend on who your home phone or mobile contract is with.

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