Things you should NEVER pay full price for

Things you should NEVER pay full price for

From cinema tickets to sofas, we look at the things that you should ALWAYS get a discount on!

Sue Hayward

Saving and Making Money

Sue Hayward
Updated on 4 May 2022

There are certain things that you should really never pay full price for. Here are some of the main purchases you should be savvier with.

Eating out

It’s not exactly hard work finding discount vouchers for restaurant chains like Pizza Express, Bella Italia and Pizza Hut. 

They regularly seem to have deals, whether it's two meals for the price of one, 25% off, or kids eat free with a paying adult.

I can’t remember the last time I set foot in Pizza Express without an offer in my pocket. 

Even its own website has an ‘offers’ section. Just type in the address of the restaurant you’re visiting and see what deals are available.  

So it's always worth checking with sites like and or a chain’s website to see what discounts you can pick up.

Signing up for free restaurant loyalty cards is another way to get money off future meals, as is signing up for free emails from your favourite restaurants.

Earn cashback when you spend!


It’s the biggest purchase you’ll ever make but that doesn’t mean you should pay full price. 

Over three quarters (76%) of homes sold go for less than the asking price according to the figures from the National Association of Estate Agents. 

Earn cashback when you spend!


DFS and Bathstore are just two stores that seem to have year-round promotions going on (right now both have half-price sales going on).

If you know that you are going to be buying a new sofa or bedroom units in the near future, be sure to visit your favourite retailers' websites regularly to ensure you pick up a bargain.

Washing machines and household gadgets

Some of the big high street stores like Tesco and Argos have lesser-known online ‘outlet’ stores where you can find deals on both brand new or refurbished items including washing machines, ovens, TV’s and laptops. 

I spotted an Indesit Washing machine on Argos’s outlet store on eBay for £199; a saving of £40 compared with the £235 price tag at Debenhams.

Cinema tickets  

There's a host of different ways to save at the cinema.

If you can go during the week rather than at weekends, then you can usually enjoy discounts.

For example, some Cineworld cinemas operate Bargain Tuesdays, while Odeon offers Supersaver tickets Monday to Thursday before 5pm. 

Many chains offer their own membership schemes, which allow you to cut the cost of your ticket too, from Showcase's Insider Club to Cineworld's Unlimited card, which drastically cut the cost if you regularly head to the cinema.

You can also bag tickets to free preview screenings through the likes of Show Film First.

For more tips, check out: How to get free and cheap cinema tickets.

These are just some of the examples that we have come up with, but there are plenty more. Why not tell us the things that you always bag a discount on below?

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