12 top websites for finding bargains online

Determined to hunt out a bargain? Then make sure you check out these 12 top websites...

These days everyone loves a good bargain! I don't know why, but there’s something highly satisfying in knowing you managed to save some cash on your shopping!

So here, I’m going to highlight some of the best websites to use if you’re after that much sought-after bargain.

Fashion bargains

Most of us know about the outlet stores you get on the high street, but how many of you know about the ones you get online?

These days more and more fashion outlet centres are springing up on the internet, and these are great places to hunt out a brilliant bargain. Just take a look at the following:

  • Asos has its own outlet centre where you can save up to 70% on fashion.
  • Warehouse also has an outlet website where you can save up to 50% on fashion.
  • If you’re a Ted Baker fan, you can enjoy up to 65% off fashion, as well as an extra 10% off jackets and coats, at its Ted’s Shed outlet.
  • The outnet.com offers discounts of 40% to 60% on a whole range of designer pieces, with savings of up to 80% on specially selected items.

eBay outlet stores

If you don’t fancy the idea of hunting around various different websites to try and pick up a bargain, eBay handily offers its own fashion outlet centre where you can find a range of bargains all in one place.

Here you can enjoy up to 75% off at Office, up to 70% off at Schuh and House of Fraser, up to 50% off at Goldsmiths, and up to 60% off at Kookai – to name a few.

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What’s more, the eBay outlet centre also allows you to grab bargains at the Tesco Outlet, and at Argos Clearance Bargains!

Tesco sells both new and refurbished items. The new items are products which were previously sold instore but have now become discontinued, while the refurbished items are customer returns. These have all have been checked, inspected, and repaired if necessary. All refurbished items are marked clearly.

Similarly, Argos sells a lot of new stuff, but also has some refurbished items.

Just bear in mind that all of the companies in the eBay outlet centre are run separately from the main high street shops – so you won’t be able to return unwanted items to your local store. 

Comet clearance

Let’s face it, electrical appliances can cost an arm and a leg. However, there is a way to get them for less, and that’s by checking out the Comet Clearance auction website.

This website regularly offers over 600 products a week and gives you the chance to bid for clearance stock, such as ex-display, refurbished, or discontinued products. All products purchased from this site are covered with a 6 month guarantee.

You can bid on anything from washing machines, to fridges, to cookers.

Amazon Discounts

Everyone knows how to use Amazon, but do you know about its special discount section? Here you can pick up huge discounts on all sorts of items including books, DVDs, beauty products and clothing.

If you want to know how to find this handy little section of the Amazon website, check out the Amazon Discount finder at Sustoo. Here you can type in exactly what you’re looking for, and hey presto! For example, I typed in books with between 10% and 99% off, and I found the new Jodi Picoult novel, House Rules, for £8.38, a saving of 51%, and The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold, for £2.98 (63% off).

Fat Fingers

Have you ever found yourself typing so fast that you’ve ended up making lots of spelling mistakes? Well, Fat Fingers has a solution! This nifty website allows you to search for misspelled items on eBay. Thousands of items get listed on eBay with incorrect spellings – but now, you’ll be able to track those down and place a bid!

Penny auction sites

Penny auction sites are starting to spring up everywhere. The idea behind them is that you can pick up some fabulous items for a fraction of their recommended retail price (RRP).

Bidchase.com launched this month and allows you to place bids on certain items, such as iPads, cars, cash, or games consoles. Each bid placed on an item increases its price by one penny and extends the end time of the auction by up to 60 seconds. Whoever has the highest bid when the clock stops, wins!

Bear in mind that each bid costs 75p, although when you register, you will be given 10 bids for free. You can also buy packs of bids, starting from 10 for £7.50, and going up to 500 for £375.

What’s more, unlike other penny auction sites, at Bidchase, you can also use the ‘buy now’ option to buy the product for less than the RRP. So even if you don't win on your bidding, you can still pick up a bargain. (If you do this, all of your bids will be paid back into your bidding account.)

Other similar sites include MadBid.com and BidYell.

Finally, be warned if you’re going to use a penny auction site, you should only spend what you can afford (bearing in mind you may not see that cash again). And secondly, you may need a lot of patience! That said, if you persist, you may come out with an absolute bargain! In fact, I've just tried it and have just won myself an Apple iPod Shuffle on Bidchase.com for £2.39! (RRP £60) I’m pretty chuffed...

Outdated food

These days food waste is a big problem. The minute something goes past its best before date, many of us simply chuck it in the bin. However, in many cases, the food is still perfectly edible (note, this is the best before date, not use by date).

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As a result, some 'short-dated' retailers have appeared on the internet to specialise in selling clearance food items at bargain prices. Websites to check out include Approved Food and Food Bargains.

So, for example, on Approved Food, you can pick up a jar of SunPat Smooth Peanut Butter for 59p, reduced from £2.09. Or you can enjoy a jar of Nescafe Instant Coffee for £3.50, reduced from £5.75.

Meanwhile, at Food Bargains, you can enjoy a pack of Viscount Mint Biscuits for £1.10, saving you £1.86. And this 9 pack of Nik Naks is half price at 99p.

Both of these websites also sell cleaning products for your home.

So hopefully, if you check out all of these websites, you’ll be able to bag a bargain, no matter what you’re looking for!

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