Tesco launches Clubcard Fuel Save discount scheme

Tesco shoppers can now earn money off fuel as well as Clubcard points.

Tesco is launching a new Clubcard Fuel Save scheme, which will allow regular shoppers to save money on fuel at Tesco petrol stations.

For every £50 spent at Tesco in a month, either in-store or online, you will receive 2p off per litre of fuel the next time you fill up at a Tesco petrol station. This can be used immediately or saved until the end of the next calendar month. So you can wait until you’re making a big fuel purchase to make sure you get the biggest discount possible.

The maximum amount anyone can redeem is 20p off per litre, but to earn that you need to have spent £500 over a month in Tesco. You must make sure you swipe your Clubcard every time you spend to ensure you earn your points.

Any discount you earn will be in addition to your normal Clubcard points. That means people with a Clubcard credit card can earn double Clubcard points plus the money off fuel.

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Good news for Tesco regulars

There are two good things about this scheme. The first is it’s done via your existing Clubcard, so there’s no need to worry about vouchers. Your discount is simply swiped from your Clubcard when you pay for your fuel.

The second is you can accumulate your fuel saving over the course of a month. So if you spent £50 on one visit and then £25 apiece on two subsequent visits, you would still have earned 4p off per litre of fuel.

This is in contrast to the fuel saving schemes that have been operated by supermarkets up until now, which have always required a minimum spend, usually of at least £40.

Of course, this scheme will only be work for you if you have a Tesco petrol station nearby and its fuel is competitively priced.

The Clubcard Fuel Save scheme is running from now until 30th September.

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