Tesco promotion: supermarket giving out iPhones and AirPods to Click & Collect shoppers

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Tesco customers can benefit from a much more exciting sort of substitution in their shopping.

Click and collect services have proven incredibly popular over the last year, as shoppers have understandably opted against heading into supermarket stores as a result of the pandemic.

And now shoppers who pick up their groceries in this way from Tesco are in with the chance of getting far more than they expected, with the prospect of bagging some free electrical goods in addition to their fruit and veg.

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A different kind of substitution

As someone who gets their shopping through Tesco’s Click & Collect service, I know only too well how irritating it can be to see substitutions in your groceries.

If I’ve ordered a punnet of strawberries, it’s because that is what I want, not a pot of blueberries or grapes.

But things are a little different with this new Tesco promotion, the ‘Super Substitution’.

Rather than seeing the item you want replaced with something you possibly don’t, the competition will instead mean that specific items are replaced by some high-end electronics. 

Here are the possible substitutions through the promotion, and how many are available:



Number available

Tesco branded multipack of apples

Apple iPhone SE 64GB


Tesco branded laundry tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7


Tesco branded freshly baked bread rolls

Motorola E7


Pampers Active Fit nappies

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2


Galaxy milk chocolate bar

Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB


Pack of gnocchi

Nokia 3.4


Tesco branded frozen cod

Apple Airpods with charging case


Galaxy chocolate drink

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3


Pack of Mini Cheddars

Apple iPhone 12 Mini 64GB


Cotton buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live



Now clearly, there are some lovely gags in there, but those prizes are nothing to be sniffed at.

I love a Granny Smith apple, but would gladly swap a pack of them for an Apple iPhone. Similarly trading some cotton buds for Galaxy Buds is a nice prospect.

These are some seriously pricy prizes too. Those mobile phone handsets can set you back as much as £400 a pop ‒ not bad as a prize just for carrying out your regular shopping.

Who is eligible?

The promotion ‒ which is being held by Tesco and Tesco Mobile ‒ will run until 18 April, but the big downer really is the fact that it is available at so few stores.

Indeed, there are just six qualifying stores:

  • Glasgow Silverburn Extra;
  • Twickenham Extra;
  • Stretford Extra;
  • Swansea Cadle Extra;
  • Portsmouth Extra;
  • Dudley Extra.

In other words, to be in with a chance of winning, you’ll need to pick up a click and collect order from one of these stores within the competition period. Great news if you happen to live locally, not so good if you have a different local store.

Anyone who makes a qualifying purchase will be entered into a prize draw and chosen at random. If you happen to be a big winner, then you’ll be presented with your prize alongside your regular shopping. 

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