Landline complaints: the UK's best & worst home phone provider

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Virgin Media is the most complained about landline provider while Sky and EE generated the fewest gripes, according to Ofcom.

Some might say that the humble home phone has had its day, as many of us now opt for the convenience of mobiles to keep in touch instead.

That said, we still need a landline to receive broadband in our homes (unless you live in a Virgin Media fibre-optic area), so most internet bundles come with one as standard.

But which providers should you go for and which should you avoid?

While price is obviously a key concern, reliability and the quality of service you can expect to receive should also be front of mind.

Before we reveal the latest data from Ofcom, it’s important to flag these figures reflect the complaints escalated by customers to the telecoms regulator when the provider has failed to resolve the issue.

So, while these figures may look low, the total number of complaints filed with each provider will likely be far higher.

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Worst landline providers

Ofcom's latest data looks at all complaints received between the three months of January to March 2021, so it won't cover any recent major issues or faults that customers might have endured.

It revealed that Virgin Media generated the most complaints during the quarter.

According to Ofcom, the provider saw complaints jump from 13 per 100,000 customers in the previous three months to 19.

Remarkably, that's almost four times higher than the best-performing companies (which you can find in the next section).

According to the regulator, the most common issues raised by Virgin Media customers were poor complaints handling (42%), billing, pricing, and charging issues (17%) and fault, service, and provisioning problems(16%).

Finishing just above Virgin Media in the complaints table was TalkTalk (17 complaints per 100,000), Plusnet (13 per 100,000) and Vodafone (12), all of which finished above the industry average of 11 per 100,000.

Best landline providers

At the other end of the scale, EE and Sky were the landline providers with the lowest number of complaints at five per 100,000 customers.

However, both saw the number of official complaints increase compared to the last quarter, with EE rising from three and Sky from four.

BT was third on the list with nine complaints per 100,000 and was the only other firm to come in under the industry average.

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In a distant third place was BT with eight complaints per 100,000  – the only other firm to come in below the industry average.

See below for the complete complaints league table, according to Ofcom.

Complaints ranked from least to most

Landline complaints table (Image: Ofcom)
So, there you have it, your round-up of the worst (and best) landline firms.

If you'd like to find out which firms topped the broadband complaints list, head this way, while this article will highlight the worst Pay TV providers.

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