The UK's worst home phone provider

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TalkTalk has beaten the Post Office to the (un)coveted title of most-complained about landline provider, according to Ofcom

Some might say that the humble home phone has had its day, as many of us now opt for the convenience of mobiles to keep in touch instead.

That said, we still need a landline to receive broadband in our homes (unless you live in a Virgin Media fibre optic area) so most internet bundles come with one as standard.

But which providers should you go for and which should you avoid? While price is obviously a key concern, the quality of service you can expect to receive should also be front of mind.

So let's take a look at the latest complaints data from telecoms regulator Ofcom, which could help steer you in the right direction.

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Ofcom complaint figures

Ofcom has released new data revealing the operators which attracted the most complaints in the fourth quarter of 2017:


per 100,000
Q4 2016
per 100,000
Q1 2017
Complaints per 100,000 customers Q2 2017 Complaints per 100,000 customers Q3 2017 Complaints per 100,000 customers Q4 2017


23 22 16 21 23


24 21 14 21 21

Post Office

23 21 17 24 21


18 20 15 14 16

Virgin Media

13 12 11 12 11


19 19 10 7 7


7 7 6 6 6

Industry Average

15 16 12 13 13

TalkTalk has knocked the Post Office off the top spot, receiving 23 complaints per 100,000 customers compared to the latter's 21.

It just so happens that TalkTalk is also the most complained-about broadband provider. 

Plusnet and BT also have above-average complaint figures. 

The main complaints according to Ofcom were largely driven by complaints relating to its acquisition of Fuel Broadband including handling and faults, service and provision issues.

Plusnet, TalkTalk, Post Office and BT all generated complaint figures above the industry average, while Virgin Media, EE and Sky received below-average complaint volumes.

So there you have it, your round-up of the worst landline firms. If you'd like to find out which firms topped the broadband complaints list, head this way, while this article will highlight the worst Pay TV providers.

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