The UK’s worst pay TV provider

We take a look at the worst (and best) subscription TV providers, according to telecoms watchdog Ofcom.

The days of getting by with a handful of terrestrial channels are long gone, but the service from pay TV providers hasn't necessarily improved with it.

While many of us enjoy the extra channels you get with a Freeview box, plenty of people willing to shell out for a pay or subscription TV service.

So, which ones offer the best (and worst) service?

Ofcom complaint figures

Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, publishes data on the number of complaints it receives about each of the biggest pay TV providers each quarter.

The latest figures include companies with a market share of at least 1.5%.

These are the results for pay TV services from the latest report, covering the April-June 2017.


Complaints per 100,000 customers Q2 2016

Complaints per 100,000 customers Q3 2016

Complaints per 100,000 customers Q4 2016

Complaints per 100,000 customers Q1 2017 Complaints per 100,000 customers Q2 2017





19 13

Virgin Media




9 8





7 6





2 1

Industry average




5 4

Ofcom received the most complaints about BT TV, according to the latest results.

However, the level of complaints has actually dropped since the previous quarter.

The main driver for BT complaints were faults, service and provision issues, complaints handling and billing, pricing and charges.

Virgin Media and TalkTalk also generated above average complaint volumes in the first quarter of 2017.

Sky received the fewest complaints compared to rivals with levels well below the industry average.

BT is also one of the UK's worst broadband providers based on Ofcom figures. Read The UK's best and worst broadband providers for more.

Ditch and switch

If you suspect you’re paying too much or suffering from a rubbish service from your pay TV provider, don't just accept it – switch!

You can compare deals available in your area with

So there you have it, your round-up of the worst pay TV firms. If you'd like to find out which companies topped the home phone complaints list, head this way, while this article will highlight the worst broadband providers.

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