Pay less tax: cut your Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax bill

Updated on 04 July 2018

Beat the taxman without breaking the law and save big money on your tax bill.

How much tax you pay in your life

This article is now out of date. Click here for our complete guide to tax saving – including Income Tax, Council Tax, Inheritance Tax and more – updated for the latest financial year.

The amount of tax we pay has long been a contentious topic in Britain.

New research from The TaxPayers' Alliance blames Government policy for the high cost of living, calling for major changes from the top. 

It shows that over a lifetime, an average household will pay £826,030 in direct and indirect taxes, up from £804,323 last year. This includes:

  • £287,963 in Income Tax
  • £169,371 in VAT
  • £107,045 in Employee's National Insurance Contributions
  • £65,068 in Council Tax

Here, we provide 16 tax-cutting tips that you needn't feel guilty about - in fact, you should feel bad if you don't make use of them!



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