Ryanair flat-rate baggage fee could see costs soar 50% for some passengers

Updated on 13 April 2016 | 2 Comments

The budget airline is rolling out a host of initiatives to improve its services this year, but some passengers will lose out.

Ryanair is simplifying the options and fees for checked baggage which will see some passengers paying 50% more.

The changes form part of the budget airline’s ‘Always Getting Better’ programme, which was launched three years ago in an attempt to improve its service and public image.

Past improvements have included introducing a 24-hour grace period for minor booking errors, allowing people to carry a small bag in addition to hand luggage free of charge and introducing allocated seating.

This year, the airline is planning to scale back booking options for checked baggage. This will involve the introduction of a flat-rate fee to tie the changes together, which will see costs soar for some travellers - although Ryanair inists the majority will be better off.

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Flat-rate baggage fees

Ryanair will simplify the current 108 booking options for checked baggage down to just six overall.

Currently the airline charges a range of different fees for each checked-in bag depending on whether it weighs 15kg or 20kg, whether it's a first or second bag, whether the flight is in high or low season and whether you book online or do it at the airport. Your route and how you make your booking can also have an impact on price.

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary said the change would mean introducing a flat-rate fee of around £30 for most bags, which will benefit some travellers but see others lose out.

A passenger wanting to put a 15KG bag in the hold in low season would normally pay £20, but will see their costs soar 50% to £30 under the new scheme. However, a traveller checking in a 20KG bag online in high season would usually have to pay £40, so will see their costs fall 25% under the plans.

O’Leary said the ‘vast majority’ of passengers who check-in bags do so in the high season, which means more people stand to benefit than lose out.

Other improvements for 2016

Ryanair is also promising to deliver even cheaper airfares as it passes on savings from the lower cost of oil.

The interior of its fleet of aircrafts will also be improved. The airline is promising slimline seats, more leg room, coat hooks, LED lighting and ‘less yellow’.

Travellers can also look forward to  a new fare dubbed 'Leisure Plus', which will come with reserved seats, priority boarding and a 20kg checked bag. While the Business Plus service will be improved with more flexible ticketing, more fast track airports and auto check-in.

A range of new features will be launched for the Ryanair mobile app. Users will be able to buy extras like upgrading seats and there will be a 'Rate My Flight’ option which will allow travellers to rate their experience in real time.

There's also plans for a new loyalty scheme called ‘My Ryanair’ which will offer discounts and 24-hour priority access to seat sales.

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