Wealthy will be biggest winners from Brexit - loveMONEY poll

Wealthy will be biggest winners from Brexit - loveMONEY poll

Our readers think leaving the EU will be good news for the rich, but bad news for the poor.

Reena Sewraz

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Reena Sewraz
Updated on 7 July 2016

The rich are likely to be the biggest winners from the vote to leave the EU, according to a recent poll of loveMONEY readers.

Just over half (51%) of respondents reckon it will be the wealthy that stand to benefit the most from the decision to Brexit, followed in a distant second by the elderly (17%).

However, readers were less convinced that the poor (11%), businesses (9%), politicians (8%) and young people (4%) would cash in on the result in the long term.

Not long has passed since the UK voted to leave the EU, but already there are some clear winners.

Based on what we know so far Leave speculators that took a gamble on the UK voting for Brexit have cashed in, with talk of a base rate cut borrowers can expect cheaper deals on things like mortgages and businesses have been promised a decent tax cut from the Government.

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Who will be the biggest losers?

In contrast nearly half of loveMONEY readers (48%) reckon the poor will be the biggest losers following the decision to leave the EU.

Meanwhile over a fifth (22%) think it will be young people that will be hardest hit.

Only time will tell which group will truly benefit most and least from the result. However, we can already see some of the losers emerging.

Holidaymakers are getting less foreign currency for their pound, for example, while motorists face increased prices at the pumps and those wanting buy an annuity are getting poorer rates.

However, loveMONEY reader nicknuts thinks we should be more optimistic. He commented: “There are no losers. The pessimism due to years of lefty suppression is dreadful. Let's get with the plan and break free.”

Meanwhile Lawrence A thinks we missed one out in our round up. He commented: “Under "Losers", you forgot to mention one Mr Cameron....”.

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