Abundance Generation: get a 6.5% annual return on solar energy

It's easy to invest in a new solar energy project in Kent.

I’ve written before about Abundance Generation. It’s a new crowdfunding business that gives ordinary people the opportunity to invest in renewable energy projects – at low risk.

Abundance has now raised all the money it needs for its first two projects, but a third project has just been launched and needs investment.

The project is a solar installation on Hoo Farm in Monkton, Kent. Apparently, this part of Kent has some of the highest levels of sun in the UK.

If you want to invest, you could buy a debenture in the project via Abundance. This debenture will then pay you an annual income for the next 24 years – the return should be somewhere between 6.3% and 7% of your initial investment. Your initial investment will also be paid back to you over the course of the 24-year period.

The return you receive is variable – it will partly depend on how much sun there is in Kent. However, prices are supported by the Government’s Feed-in Tariff, so that’s why Abundance can be confident that you return should be at least 6.3% each year. Abundance is regulated by the FSA, so that should boost confidence that this is a solid business.

The exciting thing about Abundance is that the minimum investment is only £5! So just about any adult can take part if they wish. And the investment won’t just generate a regular income. You can also feel virtuous as you’re supporting the growth of the UK’s renewable energy sector.

You can find out more about the Hoo Farm scheme on the Abundance Generation website.

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