Sky phone line rental soars 18%

Updated on 12 October 2012 | 14 Comments

Sky is pushing up its monthly line rental costs and charges for daytime phone calls.

Sky is going to push up the price of its monthly line rental for all customers from £12.25 to £14.50 in December.

Sky will also reportedly increase the cost of daytime phone calls from 7.95p a minute to 8.41p. This will be Sky’s second phone charge increase this year, following hikes in September.

Anyone who signed up after 1st September is already on the higher charges.

The increase is so high that customers will be able to cancel their contracts early if they so wish.

Today’s news follows BT’s move last month to increase its line rental charges to £15.45 a month. However, it’s interesting to note that even after Sky’s latest increase, Sky will still be charging a lower line rental than BT.

How line rental charges compare

Here are the current standard line rental costs across the major players:

Provider Monthly line rental
Primus £8.69
Sky £12.25
Plusnet £12.99
Virgin Media £13.90
Talk Talk £14.50
BT £14.60

And here's what they look like once BT and Sky increase their prices:

Provider Monthly line rental
Primus £8.69
Plusnet £12.99
Virgin Media £13.90
TalkTalk £14.50
Sky £14.50
BT £15.45

Sky has paid a high price to continue broadcasting the majority of live TV Premier League football matches, so it’s perhaps not surprising that the TV and telecoms giant is looking to boost revenues in other parts of the business.

Still, such a large increase will be very frustrating for Sky customers, regardless of the reason.

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