Cheapest flu jabs 2019: vaccine costs at Asda, Boots, Tesco Superdrug and more

Boots, Asda, Tesco and many more offer the flu jab, although the cost can vary greatly. We reveal the cheapest places in the UK to get the vaccine and explain how some people can even get it for free on the NHS.

It's easy to find a cheap or even a free flu jab if you know where to look.

Three million more people were offered free flu jabs last year alone, driven by an expansion in the childhood vaccination programme.

If you aren't eligible for a free flu jab, it's still possible to get one and could well be worth its relatively low cost.

The flu jab protects against the four main strains of the virus, which can change every year.  

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Getting the 2019 flu vaccine for free

You can get the flu jab for free on the NHS from your local doctor, as long as one of the following applies:

  • You are aged 65 or over;
  • You are pregnant;
  • You are a health or social care worker working in long-stay residential care home or other long-stay care facility;
  • You suffer from a health condition like severe asthma or diabetes (consult with your doctor to find out if you're eligible);
  • You care for someone whose welfare may be at risk if you fall ill.

If your child is over the age of six months and has a long-term health condition, or if they are between two to three years old on 31 August 2019, or in primary school, they will be eligible for a free flu jab. 

You can get your jab at your GP surgery, a local pharmacy that offers the service or through your midwifery service if you are a pregnant woman.

Also, ask your employer. It's possible that they provide free flu jabs to lower the number of sick days caused by flu.

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Where to get a cheap flu jab

If you don’t qualify for a free flu jab, you can pay a small fee to get the jab at certain pharmacies. Here’s where to go and how much it will cost.

We’ve focused on the national outlets offering the flu vaccine although your local independent pharmacy may also offer it for less, so it's worth checking there as well.

Asda flu jab

Asda has a pharmacy service in 255 stores nationwide. Its flu jab costs £7, making it the cheapest option outside the NHS.

Heading to Asda? Here's how to save on your next shop.

Boots flu jab

At Boots, the flu jab will set you back £12.99 and is available now. The service is available at over 2,000 Boots pharmacies and you can book an appointment online.

You will need to go through a consultation with the pharmacist beforehand.

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Lloyds Pharmacy flu jab

Lloyds Pharmacy is offering flu jabs for £11.50.

You can book a flu vaccination online with Lloyds Pharmacy or by visiting your nearest pharmacy. It’s advisable to ring ahead to check availability.

You can find your nearest one via this section of the Lloyds website.

Superdrug flu jab

Superdrug is charging from £9.99 for the flu jab.

It could cost you more for the flu jab if you need more than one dose and it’s recommended you check availability in advance with your local pharmacy.

Superdrug offers a walk-in service at its stores that have a pharmacy, or you can call your local Superdrug pharmacy.

You can find your nearest Superdrug that has a pharmacy here.

Tesco flu jab

Click to learn more about Tesco Foundation Credit Card (Image: Shutterstock - loveMONEY)The flu jab at Tesco costs £9 and is available at selected Tesco pharmacies – from around 370 stores.

You can find your nearest Tesco Pharmacy using this tool on the Tesco website but be sure to phone and check they're offering the vaccine.

Should you be planning to do a shop while you're at Tesco, make sure you read our top tips to save every time.

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