Jack’s meal deal for two: what you can get for £7

Jack’s lets you choose two curries, two sides and 'an accompaniment' for £7. We reveal how the offer stacks up against other popular food offers available from rivals.

Tesco-owned Jack's has launched a meal deal aimed specifically at curry fans.

The discount supermarket is offering two mains, two sides and one accompaniment from Tuk In for a none-too-shabby £7.

Unlike offers by its rivals, this deal is not time-limited, but you will need to visit one of Jack’s stores to take advantage of it.

So let’s take a look at what’s on the menu before comparing it to offers from other supermarkets.

Jack’s meal deal for two: what’s on offer

This offer is ideal for those who love an Indian curry on a budget.

The full menu is available below.


  • Chicken tikka curry (325g)
  • Chicken korma curry (325g)
  • Lamb rogan josh curry (325g)
  • King prawn bhuna curry (325g)
  • Butternut squash and spinach curry (325g)
  • Chicken jalfrezi curry (325g)
  • Chicken vindaloo curry (325g)
  • Saag aloo curry (325g)


  • White rice (250g)
  • Yellow rice (250g)
  • Lentil and quinoa mix (250g)
  • Plain naan (390g)
  • Garlic and coriander naan (390g)
  • Tandoori roti (390g)


  • Chicken tikka samosas (105g)
  • Vegetable samosas (105g)
  • Vegetable pakoras (105g)
  • Onion bhajis (105g)

All the mains typically cost £2.59 while the sides and accompaniments would set you back £1.39 each.

So, you would save £2.35 if you bought everything under the meal deal instead of buying everything separately.

Jack's meal deal for two. (Image: Jack's)

Is Jack's meal deal worth considering?

Jack’s meal deal for two offers a decent amount of food for £7.

But while it's cheaper than Tesco's own £10 offering and costs significantly less than Marks & Spencer's popular Dine In offer (£12), you're obviously not getting anywhere near the same level of choice.

It may be that Jack's is planning to mix up the menu every now and then (much like M&S does), but for now, if you don't fancy a curry then it's pretty useless – plus you need to buy it in-store and, given there are only 12 branches across the UK, it may be quite a drive.

Finally, you don’t get to choose any booze or desserts as part of the meal deal. Considering the wine in both the Tesco and M&S deals costs at least £5, those probably offer better value for money.

Our verdict? If you really love curry, you shop at Jack's anyway and don't fancy a bottle of plonk, then it's a decent meal deal. But you'll likely be better off with the M&S Dine In for two or Tesco's Finest meal deal.

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Which store do you think offers the best meal deal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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