Tesco meal deal for two: best options in the Finest £10 food offer

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The Tesco meal deal lets you pick from the supermarket's Finest range for £10 and offers better value for money than the M&S Dine In promotion – here’s what you can get.

The Tesco meal deal lets you choose from its Finest food and drink range. Shoppers can pick up a main, a side, a pudding and a choice of wine or soft drinks for £10 – perfect for two.

Not sure which supermarket meal deal to go for? This article explains what you can pick up at Tesco, while you can head this way to find out more about the M&S Dine In meal deal.

Earlier this year, M&S cut the price of its Dine In meal deal from £12 to £10 but this is arguably less competitive than Tesco’s deal as you will no longer get a bottle of wine or non-alcoholic alternative. 

You can find out more about the changes in the M&S Dine In deal here.

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Tesco meal deal banner. (Image: Tesco)

What’s in the Tesco Finest £10 meal deal?

If you’re interested in the £10 meal deal, you should note the current menu is available until 26 October, after which the options may change.

The mains have been refreshed with the likes of ranch steaks with garlic butter and chicken and chorizo paella being replaced by lasagne and chicken in prosecco sauce.

There are five sides on the sides menu (down from six) with creamed savoy and cavolo nero added to the menu.

The desserts menu now offers three options (down from five) with chocolate and orange pots and tarte au citron still available, while lime cheesecake slices have been added.

To see the full list of dishes available under the £10 meal deal, check out the list below. 


  • Tesco Finest beef lasagne
  • Tesco Finest chicken, leek and bacon filo pie
  • Tesco Finest chicken in prosecco sauce
  • Tesco Finest portobello mushroom stroganoff
  • Tesco Finest Indian inspired lamb bake
  • Tesco Finest chorizo mac and cheese

Tesco Finest potato dauphinoise. (Image: Tesco)


  • Tesco Finest chunky chips
  • Tesco Finest peas, leeks and pancetta
  • Tesco Finest potato dauphinoise
  • Tesco Finest lemon and thyme roast potatoes
  • Tesco Finest creamed savoy and cavolo nero


  • Tesco Finest lime cheesecake slices (two pack)
  • Tesco Finest Belgian chocolate and orange pots (two pack)
  • Tesco Finest tarte au citron (two pack)


  • Rose Garnacha from Spain
  • Bottle Green twin pack (2 x 750ml)
  • Diet Coke (6 x 250ml glass bottles)
  • Tesco Finest Pink Lady apple juice and lemonade (two pack)
  • Chardonnay from Spain
  • Shiraz from Spain
  • Sauvignon blanc from Chile
  • Merlot from Chile

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