Tesco meal deal for two: best options in the Finest £12 food offer

Tesco meal deal for two: best options in the Finest £12 food offer

Tesco’s Finest meal deal for two offers a main, side, pudding and a choice of wine or soft drink for £12. Here’s what you can get in the latest offer.

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Updated on 24 February 2023

Tesco’s Finest meal deal for two allows shoppers to pick up a main, side, pudding, and choice of wine or soft drink for £12.

Sadly, the price of the meal deal was hiked from £10 last year although Tesco isn’t the only supermarket to do this as M&S and Co-op also hiked the price of their respective meal deals.

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Is the Tesco £12 Finest meal deal good value?

As we mentioned when the price initially changed, Tesco’s Finest meal deal for two still works out cheaper than buying the items separately despite the higher price (although the amount you'll save has obviously fallen).

For example, if you bought beef lasagne, chunky chips, lemon meringue cheesecake slices and a bottle of wine, it would cost £19.35, so you would save over £7.

Tesco meal deal banner. (Image: Tesco)

What’s in the Tesco Finest £12 meal deal?

If you’re interested in the £12 meal deal, you should note the current menu is available until 14 March, according to Tesco’s website.

After this date, the options may change.

It’s worth flagging you’ll need a Clubcard to get this deal for £12.

There are nine mains available (down from 10) with vegetable moussaka and chicken in cabernet sauvignon among the new additions, while chicken tagine and sausage cassoulet are no longer available.

There are six options (down from seven) on the sides menu. Creamy mash and peas, leeks and pancetta have been replaced by truffle mac and cheese and creamed spinach.

The desserts menu still offers six options. Apple flapjack crumble and sticky toffee pudding is no longer available, but you can get white chocolate and raspberry pots and Millionaire’s tarts.

To see the full list of dishes available under the £12 meal deal, check out the list below. 


  • Tesco Finest ranch steaks with garlic butter
  • Tesco Finest tomato, mascarpone and basil risotto
  • Tesco Finest vegetable moussaka
  • Tesco Finest chicken legs with white wine and tarragon sauce
  • Tesco Finest smoked salmon gratin
  • Tesco Finest beef burger kit
  • Tesco Finest beef bourguignon pies
  • Tesco Finest beef lasagne
  • Tesco Finest chicken in cabernet sauvignon


  • Tesco Finest green vegetable selection
  • Tesco Finest creamed spinach
  • Tesco Finest chunky chips
  • Tesco Finest potato dauphinoise
  • Tesco Finest truffle mac and cheese
  • Tesco Finest potato croquettes with black pepper and parsley


  • Tesco Finest white chocolate and raspberry pots (two pack)
  • Tesco Finest Millionaire’s tarts (two pack)
  • Tesco Finest caramel melt in the middle puddings (two pack)
  • Tesco Finest chocolate brownie heart
  • Tesco Finest raspberry Royale profiteroles (six pack)
  • Tesco Finest lemon meringue cheesecake slices (two pack)


  • Rose from South Africa
  • Merlot from South Africa
  • Sauvignon blanc from South Africa
  • Diet Coke (6x250ml)
  • Coca Cola Zero (6x250ml)
  • Bottle Green twin pack (2x750ml)
  • Peroni Nastro (4x250ml)
  • Tesco Finest Pink Lady apple juice and lemonade (2x750ml)

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