Cashback sites: 'how I made £33 with just a few clicks’

Korianne Muya earned the tidy sum through cashback sites in less than an hour without spending a single penny. Here's how she did it.

How do you make money with just a few clicks?

One of the ways to earn money is by joining a cashback site like Quidco or TopCashback.

While most loveMONEY readers will be familiar with how these sites can help you pocket a small fortune when you have a few bills to switch or a big purchase to make, what's less well known is that you can also make money without having to spend anything at all. 

How 'free' cashback can work

On a recent cashback spree, 25-year-old Korianne Muya earned herself nearly £33 in under an hour by completing various cashback deals.

These included checking her credit score, downloading free apps, registering new accounts and comparing insurance policies.

Crucially, Muya managed to do this without actually buying anything or being signed up to any free trials that would later land her with a hefty bill.

The junior account executive joined TopCashback last October when she was looking for easy ways to save and make cash during her studies.  

Since signing up to the site, she has made £136. 

Cashback sites provide you with a link to a retailer, instead of you going directly to their site. You can buy products and services via this link and can get some money back from the cashback site, which can vary significantly.

You can learn more about the best ways to earn extra cash on your purchases with this guide to cashback sites and cashback credits cards.

How can you earn £33 in an hour?

Muya says she spent one hour completing the below cashback deals:

  • Checking her credit score on Experian (£2.25);
  • Downloading the free app Money Dashboard (£1);
  • Registering a new account with 20cogs (£1.20);
  • Registering a new account with Life Points UK (£1.89);
  • Comparing insurance policies at Quote Searcher (£3.50);
  • Registering a new account with Switched (£13.12);
  • Signing up for and installing Nielsen Computer Panel (£10).

What's the best way to earn cashback?

“The process can be a bit painful due to the constant filling out of information, but you get used to it and the reward is worth it,” said Muya.

With her current earnings and cashback, Muya plans to put the money towards new photography equipment, including a tripod and battery packs for travelling.

“I would do it again perhaps if I needed something a little extra and had time to spare,” commented Muya.

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Korianne Muya. (Image: Korianne Muya)

Which deals are worth your time?

While each offer may not offer you a huge incentive, if you spend some time completing a few deals, the rewards may add up to something substantial.

But there’s a knack to knowing which deals are worth your time, and which aren’t.

“Cashback deals which asked for card information weren’t worth my time simply because I can be forgetful and may forget to cancel my card after the free trial, which then makes me incur a greater cost,” warned Muya.

“If you’re looking to get started, I’d say just do it and, if you want to get even more out of it, get your friends and family involved and refer them.

“You usually get rewards for referring others.

“If you’re looking to make good money from it, make sure you run all your purchases through the website.

“Most retailers are on there and when doing bigger purchases like broadband or TV, you get even more cashback and that can provide boosts.”

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Person using card online. (Image: Shutterstock)

What to watch out for on cashback sites

Cashback sites really can be an easy way to earn some extra cash, there are some things to watch out for if you are planning on giving it a go.

Cookie trails

Cashback sites make sure you used them to get to a retailer and they do this by using cookies.

So, if you’ve been looking at a retailer, and decide to take advantage of a deal on a cashback site, it’s a good idea to delete your cookies first, so it doesn’t interfere with getting your cash.

Sign up fees

TopCashback and Quidco are free to register and offer premium memberships, which you can pay for if you choose to on top of this.

Some lesser-known cashback sites may charge you for a standard account, so you may want to avoid these sites if you want to avoid fees for standard accounts.

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Make sure you get the cheapest deal

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the lure of a cashback site that you end up spending money you wouldn’t otherwise spend as you are tempted by getting some money back.

You may also miss out on the cheapest deals or the best cashback offers if you don’t shop around.

Late or failed payments

While it can sometimes take a while for payments to come through, sometimes they don’t come through at all. Often, cookie trails can be the culprit.

If your payment is late, it’s always best to write to the site as quickly as possible. Bigger sites such as TopCashback and Quidco tend to be more reliable.

Other simple ways to make money in your spare time

If you like the idea of making a little extra cash here and there, you've a lot more options available to you than cashback sites.

Have a read of this handy guide to making money on your lunch break to learn more.

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