Co-op meal deal: the £5 frozen food offer

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The Co-op Food meal deal gives you five different items from the freezer for just £5. Here's how the offer compares to some of the more popular dine-in offers available from rivals.

Co-operative Food is offering a frozen family meal deal as a cheaper alternative to the Marks & Spencer Dine In for Two and Tesco Finest Meal Deal.

The Co-op’s ‘Frozen Meal Deal’ allows you to choose five different items, including fried chicken, potato waffles, French fries, and Twister lollies for just £5. 

The supermarket says the deal will save you approximately £5 compared to buying the items individually, so it certainly seems like a good deal.

But if you're interested, you'll need to be quick, as the latest Co-op meal deal will only be around until 19 November.

Let's take a look at what's on the menu, before comparing it to rival offers.

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What you can get and what you can save

If you’re interested in picking up food that will keep, the Frozen Meal Deal includes:

  • SFC Boneless Box (550g);
  • Birds Eye Mini Potato Waffles (456g);
  • Fullers Family Favourites Mini Corn Cobs (560g);
  • McCain Crispy French Fries (750g);
  • Walls 8 Mini Twister.

The deal will save you £5.30 on the cost of buying the items separately.

The offer is available in selected stores until 19 November.

Co-op frozen meal deal (Image: Co-Op)

How it compares to rivals

The Co-operative Food meal deal is less than half the price of the M&S Dine In deal and 50% cheaper than Tesco offer.

But it has to be said the offer is also far more limited.

Marks & Spencer's lets you choose a main, side dish, dessert and a bottle of wine (or non-alcoholic alternative); while Tesco offers a Finest main, side, pudding and bottle of wine or a pack of soft drinks.

Both are complete meals that are good to go, while the Co-op offer is more about picking up items to use gradually as parts of other meals.

So, it's not really a like-for-like comparison, although the Co-op also has a meal deal for two priced at £8, which is similar to what its rivals offer.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal taste and preference.

However, given most of the wines on offer are worth well over a fiver on their own, you have to say the Co-op meal deal probably isn't as good value as the other two.

Finally, and forgive us for pointing out the blindingly obvious here, the Co-op option is purely frozen.

So, if you want flexibility on when you eat it, the Co-op deal has a clear advantage.

Which store do you think offers the best meal deal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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