How to boost your Tesco Clubcard points

Updated on 07 November 2019

From paying with the right credit card to buying your fuel at one of its forecourts, we look at the various ways you can boost your Tesco Clubcard points and save money when you shop there.

Join Clubcard Plus if you regularly shop in store

Tesco is launching a far more generous Clubcard offering tomorrow (8 November) – but you'll have to pay a monthly fee to get it.

Clubcard Plus will cost £7.99 and is set to launch later this month in all UK stores in a bid to boost the use of its Clubcard app and get more people spending in-store.

The supermarket giant has said its existing free Clubcard scheme, which lets shoppers collect one point for almost every £1 spent at Tesco, will remain unchanged. 

The Clubcard Plus is an entirely optional extra. So, is it worth paying for?

Tesco Clubcard perks: what you'll get

For your monthly charge you'll get:

  • 10% off two big in-store shops;
  • 10% off selected Tesco brands in-store, including F&F and Go Cook;
  • Double data from Tesco Mobile;
  • A Tesco Bank credit card with no foreign exchange fees when spending abroad

Tesco reckons all the perks are worth more than £400 a year, but realistically very few people will save anywhere near that much.

All the above benefits will be available via the Clubcard app.

The typical household spends around £260 a month on groceries, according to the Office for National Statistics, so in theory, you could save up to £26 a month (10% saving), comfortably covering the monthly cost of the card.

Click to learn more about Tesco Foundation Credit Card (Image: Shutterstock - loveMONEY)However, as with most perks, there is some fine print to watch out for: the discount is limited to a maximum of two in-store shops a month, meaning the savings could be far less for those who do regular, smaller shops.

What's more, the maximum spend for each 'big' shop is £200, so that's a maximum saving of £20 per go.

It's a shame to have such restrictions in place as they just feel like unnecessary red tape that will see many shoppers fail to maximise their savings.

Don't forget to have your smartphone handy as you must use tap a button in the Clubcard app when paying to get the discount.

If you spend money frequently on Tesco brands and use Tesco Mobile, there are other benefits to consider.

As mentioned above, you'll get double data on your phone. That's handy if you'll actually use it and the deal you get from Tesco is cheaper than any you could find elsewhere.

Finally, you'll get access to the Tesco Bank Clubcard Plus Credit Card which charges no foreign exchange fees while abroad, although the card has a hefty 37.7% representative APR.

Again, it's worth stressing that there are other cheaper or fee-free options out there or you could opt for a pre-paid card while abroad.

Which Clubcard is right for you?

Loyal Tesco shoppers who prefer shopping in-store could save money with Clubcard Plus.

However, casual shoppers or those who pay for home delivery are unlikely to benefit and will likely be better off sticking with the standard Clubcard scheme.

No matter which option you choose, there are plenty of ways to rack up Clubcard points for discounts on future shops or days out with family and friends, which we'll run through below.

Please note the rest of this article is an evergreen guide to boosting Tesco points. Regular readers will likely be familiar with the tips as it has featured in the newsletter before.

Pay with the right credit card

Tesco Clubcard credit cards are a great way to earn extra Clubcard points wherever you shop.

They're not as generous as the original Clubcard scheme – you'll generally earn you one Clubcard point for every £4 spent in Tesco and one point for every £8 spent outside Tesco – but the extra points all add up.

Obviously, make sure you clear your debt in full each month or you'll rack up far more costly interest charges.


Bank with Tesco

The Tesco Bank Current Account allows you to earn points on almost everything you buy with your debit card.

You can currently collect one Clubcard point for every £1 you spend in Tesco and one point for every £8 you spend everywhere else.

Clubcard points aren’t the only perk of the Tesco Bank Current Account.

You can also earn 1% on balances up to £3,000, but you must pay in at least £750 every month and have at least three Direct Debits.

Read more in Tesco Bank Current Account: everything you need to know about the rates and rewards.

Double your points and cut your phone bill

Tesco Clubcard members can use their points to slash their Tesco Mobile phone bill.

If you have 200 Clubcard points, you can double its voucher value to use with Tesco Mobile from £2 to £4. 

If you aren't a Tesco Mobile customer, it might be worth considering switching: we recently wrote how it was voted best mobile phone provider in terms of lowest customer complaints. 

Below is a handy graph showing the savings you can enjoy (if you spend enough every month).

How much you can save with Tesco Mobile using points (Image: Tesco)

If you sign up with Tesco Mobile, you can collect one Clubcard point for every £1 you spend on topping up in-store, online or over the phone or for what you rack up on your pay monthly bill.

Compare mobile phone deals with Recombu

Fuel your motor

You can collect one Clubcard point for every £2 spent on Tesco Unleaded, Tesco Diesel and Tesco Momentum at selected forecourts.

At Esso petrol stations with a Tesco Express, you'll get one point for every £3 you spend on petrol or diesel.

Please note that you can no longer earn Clubcard points at Esso-branded stations where there is no Tesco Express attached.

If you regularly fill up at such a station and it's impractical to go elsewhere, consider signing up to the Nectar scheme instead. It's now partnered with Esso so you may as well earn loyalty points from someone.


Already have a mortgage with Tesco Bank?

You can collect one Clubcard point for every £2 spent on Tesco Unleaded, Tesco Diesel and Tesco Momentum at selected forecourts.

You can collect a point for every £3 spent on petrol or diesel bought at participating Esso Service Stations and a point for every £1 spent on shop products (some exclusions apply) or car washes at participating Esso service stations.

Have a mortgage with Tesco Bank?

Tesco Bank no longer accepts mortgage applications and recently sold its mortgage business to Halifax, which is part of Lloyds Banking Group.

But if your mortgage is managed by Tesco, you can continue to collect Clubcard points. 

You'll automatically get one point for every £4 you pay on your monthly mortgage payments, including overpayments.

Of course, a few measly points is no reason to stay on a mortgage so be sure to shop around for a cheaper rate once your current deal expires.


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