The best all-round 0% balance transfers and purchase credit cards

All-round credit cards aren't just convenient: they're now almost as good as specialised balance transfer and purchase cards.

An all-round credit card is a handy tool that combines balance transfer and new purchase cards.

You could get two years or more of 0% interest on your existing debt and current spending, giving you a vital window to pay off your debts.

Previously, all-round cards could be criticised as 'jack of all trades', because they weren't as good as specialised credit cards.

However, as interest-free terms on specialised balance transfer cards and specialised purchase cards have plummeted, all-round cards now provide interest-free periods that are just as long.

These cards have another advantage: you only have to undergo one credit check rather than two, helping you preserve your credit rating.

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A word of warning

All-round credit cards have great interest-free offers.

However, that doesn't mean you don't have to make minimum payments. If you miss one of these, you'll find those interest-free periods vanished and you're left with an expensive credit card and diminished rating.

Finally, these cards won't solve debt by themselves: you need a plan. Read our guide to getting out of debt for practical tips and where to find support.

The best all-round credit cards

We've ranked cards firstly by the 0% period and then by the fee. The APR shouldn't matter as much because, if you make your payments on time, you should never have to pay it.

Credit card

0% period on balance transfers and purchases

Balance transfer fee


MBNA 0% Transfer and Purchase Mastercard 28 months 2.72% 19.9%

Sainsbury's Bank Dual Offer Mastercard

28 months



Barclaycard Platinum 27 Month Purchase and Balance Transfer Visa

27 months 2.7% 19.9%
Santander All in One Mastercard*

26 months



Virgin Money 26 Month All Round Mastercard 26 months 2.9% 18.9%

*Santander's All in One card has a £3 monthly fee

Although MBNA's card has a slightly lower fee, frequent Sainsbury's shoppers should consider the supermarket's Dual Offer card.

That's because you can earn two Nectar points for every £1 you spend at the supermarket with the Sainsbury's Dual Offer card (and one point per £5 elsewhere).

Currently, there's also a bonus 750 points on offer every time you spend more than £35 at Sainsbury's in the first two months, up to a maximum of 7,500 points. 

Santander's All in One card has a £3 fee, but this can be partially offset by the 0.5% cashback it offers.

You'd need to spend £600 a month to make Santander's card worthwhile, but if you can then you'll save money because this card is one of very few to have no balance transfer fee whatsoever.

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Not for everyone

In some cases, you may still be better off going for two specialised credit cards.

Some balance transfer cards are cheaper, offering fees of under 2%, which could help if you've got large debts.

Take a look at: The best 0% balance transfer credit cards for more.

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