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Find out how to make valuable home improvements to your home without spending a fortune.

Plan ahead

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 Plan your project

You’ll need to decide exactly what you want doing in your home as well as work out how much this is likely to cost.

Websites such as My Deco make it easier to figure out exactly what you want done. It has a 3D tool that allows you upload photos of your own rooms – so you can play around with different colour schemes and furniture to get a good idea of what your home could look like.

The online version of BBC Homes magazine also lets you easily search by room to track down different makeover styles.

Meanwhile, websites such as growyourhome.com and whatprice.co.uk can help you to get an idea of the costs of your project so you’ll be able to budget for it.

Read The cost of home improvements to find out more about how much you should budget for.

Start saving early

However big or small your home improvements are, putting some money aside into a savings account on a regular basis will give you a nest egg to fall back on when it comes to paying!

Make sure this savings account pays a decent rate of interest, but also allows easy access so you can get at your cash.

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