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    An amount borrowed for your personal use. Also known as unsecured loans. Monthly payment amounts, interest rate and repayment installments are usually fixed up front. Typically for people with a good credit history.

    Maximum you can borrow Up to £25,000
    Maximum time to repay? Up to 10 years
  • CAR

    Your car is used as security against what you borrow. Can work out cheaper than using hire purchase agreements. Not restricted to those who have a good credit history. An unsecured loan may be cheaper. Use our free checker tool to see all the loans that match your credit score.

    Maximum you can borrow Up to £200,000
    Maximum time to repay? Up to 10 years

    For people who can't get a personal loan, due to having no credit history, or a bad credit score. Decisions are based on whether you can afford to repay, and if you have a friend or relative with a good credit record who is willing to repay the loan if you don’t. Interest is typically 10 times more than an unsecured loan charges.

    Maximum you can borrow Up to £5000
    Maximum time to repay? Up to 5 years

    Your borrowing is secured against a property you own. The amount you borrow, the term and interest rate, all depend upon the equity you have in your property, your credit history and your personal circumstances. Remortgaging might be a cheaper option.

    Maximum you can borrow Up to £100,000 and more
    Maximum time to repay? Up to 30 years

    Peer-to-peer lending matches borrowers with people instead of banks. You can usually get a lower APR and greater repayment flexibility than a personal loan. You will need a good credit rating to apply.

    Maximum you can borrow Up to £25,000
    Maximum time to repay? Up to 10 years

    Small amounts borrowed for a few days or weeks. Interest is typically 1,000 times more than a personal loan charges. You will need to demonstrate how you can repay the loan in the time agreed. An overdraft or credit card will be a cheaper option.

    Maximum you can borrow Up to £1,000
    Maximum time to repay? Up to 40 days

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The most you can borrow is £1,000,000, most lenders only go up to £100,000

The longest amount of time you can borrow is 30 years/360 months

If repaying within 30 days, keep the loan amount under £2,000

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