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Want to make money? We've picked out some easy ways to earn extra cash in your spare time – whether it's at home, online or simply out and about.

There are plenty of quick and easy ways to make money without having to sell the house. Take a look at our round-up of the best tips to earn extra cash.

Some can be done from home, some online and others by getting out and about. Choose the money-making tips that suit you!

Switch your bank

A host of banks will pay you to take out one of their bank accounts.

For example, HSBC will give you £150 if you switch to its HSBC Advance account plus an extra £50 if you stay for 12 months, while First Direct will offers gadgets or a travel voucher worth £150.

Read more at The best bank accounts for switching bonuses.

Use a cashback website

Any time you shop online, you should always shop via a cashback website such as Quidco or TopCashback

If you shop via one of their tracked links, you’ll get a percentage of what you spend back in the form of cashback. It’s essentially free money!

What's more, you'll get a generous £10 cashback bonus from Quidco when you make your first purchase.

Read our guide to the top cashback websites for more on how they work.

Use a cashback credit card

Whether you are shopping online or in person, if you use a cashback credit card you will get a percentage of the money you spend back in cold, hard cash.

American Express offers the best cashback rates on the market. With this Platinum Cashback Everyday card you can earn 5% cashback on all spend in the first three months of opening an account (limited to a maximum of £100 cashback) and there's no annual fee to worry about.

Elsewhere, the Asda Cashback Credit Card will pay you 2% cashback on all ASDA shopping and fuel, and 0.2% cashback on all other spends. 

 With both cashback cards and cashback websites, it’s important to keep in mind that the idea is to get money back for spending you were going to do anyway – don’t spend more than you can afford, simply so that you earn more cashback!

View more cashback credit cards on our comparison site.

 Become a mystery shopper

 If you like to have a mooch around the shops and eat out, why not earn some extra cash as a mystery shopper?

 Sites like MarketForce will pay you to drop in unannounced to shops and restaurants to rate the experience and will pay you for your feedback.

Read Mystery shopping UK: how to apply, how much it pays and what jobs you can get

Sell your pics

If you can take a decent snap of cityscapes and landmarks you may be able to flog them to agencies like Shutterstock, Alamy and 123ref.

The firms sell your images and pay you a commission based on what it goes for. Shutterstock claims it has paid out over $350 million (£268 million) to contributors.

Do surveys

Loads of websites give you the opportunity to fill out surveys in exchange for cash. YouGov is among the more well-known sites, but it can take years to reach the £50 payout threshold. 

PopulusLive has fewer available surveys and the payout is limited to £50, but you could get up to £1 for every five minutes doing surveys, meaning you could reach your total much more swiftly than you can on YouGov.

Crowdology has a much lower minimum payment limit of £4 and it pays out via PayPal and it's only £3 for MySurvey.

It doesn't necessarily have to be money. Blackberry Messenger (BBM) has recently launched in the UK and allows you to get gift cards through the reward scheme on its app.

It's available to download on Google Play and the App Store

In summary, surveys are a good way to earn small sums of money if you have the time.

Get active

There are a growing number of apps that will pay you to keep fit and healthy.

Learn more by reading our fitness reward app challenge, in which we look at how much we could earn using BetterPoints, Sweatcoin and Fitcoin.

Help with odd jobs

If you’ve got some time to kill you could make money from helping others with their odd jobs.

Websites like Taskrabbit allow people in certain cities to list tasks they need help with like picking up a parcel or moving home that they are willing to pay for.

In order to become a helper with either site you will need to go through a verification process, but after that, you can pick and choose jobs in your area to earn extra cash in your spare time.

Rent out your parking space

Renting out your parking space can be a great way to top up your income.

For example, if you have a driveway outside your home that you don’t always use, you could rent it out through a site like JustPark.

Your space is more likely to be in demand if you live near a sports stadium, tourist spot, airport or train station.

Read: 6 ways to make money from your car

Rent out a room

Meanwhile, if you have a spare room, taking in a lodger could be seriously lucrative.

Thanks to the Government’s Rent a Room scheme you can currently earn up to £7,500 in rental income free of tax. That means a lodger paying up to £625 a month won’t cost you a penny in tax!

Just remember, you will need to speak to your home insurer first.

For more read Rent A Room scheme: tax-free cash from your spare room.

If you want more short-term options, it's possible to rent out almost any room in your house on a weekly basis. Sites like Spacehop effectively put you in touch with workers who want some office space, while Kitchen2Rent does what it says on the tin.

Flog your old phone

Sitting on an old mobile handset that you don’t use anymore? Don’t leave it gathering dust at the back of the cupboard, flog it online!

You can sell it yourself on a site like eBay or Gumtree, or use one of the many mobile phone recycling sites to see who will pay you the most for your old phone.

Just be sure to do some research on what previous users have got for their phones – unfortunately, there are a number of unscrupulous sites that promise big payouts, then try to short-change you once the phone has been sent.

Flog your old tablet

A number of these sites offer cash for old tablets too, so if your old iPad or Kindle is sitting unloved and unused, cash it in too!

Flog your old DVDs

A host of sites will pay you for your old DVDs, although the amounts are often paltry.

All you have to do is enter the barcode from your DVD on sites like MusicMagpieZapper and CeX, and the site will give you a price for your DVD. It's well worth comparing what you will get from a few different sites, as the values can vary significantly.

We ran the rule over what you could expect in Selling DVDs UK: MusicMagpie versus Zapper, CeX, Ziffit and Momox.

Sell at a car boot sale

You could enjoy a more significant return selling your old bits and bobs at a car boot sale.

You can find your local sale at carbootjunction.com. It's probably a good idea to go down to a sale first, to get an idea of where the best pitches are and pick up some tips on how best to flog your wares!

For a great guide on how to do it properly, check out: Car boot sales: top tips to sell successfully.

Direct selling

Alternatively, you could try direct selling for a firm like Avon, Usborne Books, or even Ann Summers.

A good place to find out which companies are worth looking into is the Direct Selling Association. You should also read our excellent guide on How to make money in the evening.


How often do you reckon you search for something on Google, Amazon, eBay or Yahoo? Most of us search on at least one of those sites fairly regularly.

But thanks to a site called Qmee you can get paid for those searches. Just enter your search term as usual, and a Qmee result will appear alongside the normal search results. Click on the Qmee result and you’ll pocket a cash reward.

OK, so it’s only a few pennies a time, but it can quickly add up. For more, read Qmee: get paid to search online.

Have opinion, will travel…

Sign up to a market research firm and you’ll be sent invites to take part in all sorts of survey projects, with a cash incentive.

For example signing up to, Focus4People, we got invites to take part in surveys on travel (£50 for one hour), news (£40 for 45 minutes), energy (£50 for 45 minutes) and credit (£50 for one hour)

The downside is that to take part you may need to travel, and slots are often during the day. But if that doesn’t bother you, it’s an easy way to make a little extra money.

…or just watch the telly

Even better, why not get paid to watch the telly? Thanks to TheViewers.co.uk you can make a few quid just for having an opinion about some TV shows.

This might mean giving feedback on what you've watched recently, reviewing a new show before it airs nationally, or helping develop ideas for new shows.

For more, read Join TheViewers and get paid to watch TV.

Sell yourself

No, not like that! But if you have a useful skill or two, why not make the most of them?

For example, right now on PeoplePerHour.com, there are thousands of people adept at website design, image editing, writing and social media who are selling their services an hour at a time.  

If you are more useful with your hands – perhaps you are a dab hand with a paintbrush or a bit of carpentry – then why not stick an ad on a site like Gumtree or in your local newsagent?

Play video games

Yes, it really is possible. There are thousands of people streaming their game playing on sites like Twitch, and some are making a pretty decent living from it.

It’s certainly not easy though. Check out our guide to making money from video games for more.

Start a YouTube channel

Along similar lines, why not start a YouTube channel? The hosts of some channels are pocketing millions each year, and you could get a slice of the action too!

Read Make money from YouTube for more.

Be a travel blogger

If travel is more your thing, you can blog your trips using IQPlanner instead.

You create 'adventures' by putting your itinerary on the site, accompanied by descriptions of the places you visited, photos and videos.

Once it's gone live, you can earn up to $10 a post (£8.36), depending on your status: gold, silver or beginner. You get extra cash for clickthroughs and people who make travel plans through your adventure.  

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