Morrisons January prize draw scam: fake text doing the rounds

If you receive a text saying you’ve won a prize in Morrisons ‘January prize draw’, don’t click the link – it’s a scam.

 Scammers have been targeting people by claiming they've won a fake Morrisons 'January prize draw'.

Texts have been doing the rounds, which asks victims to share certain details in order to claim their winnings.

Morrisons has been quick to respond to queries over Twitter, confirming that the texts are fake and there has been no such Prize Draw.

Those who do click the link and input their data will have their information taken by scammers.

Don’t get caught out

There are several reasons why the offer looks suspect.

For starters, the link in the text clearly isn’t to Morrisons’ website, which should make you see red.

Also, why would Morrisons release the winners of their (non-existent) January Prize Draw right in the middle of the month?

However, some ‘giveaway’ scams look more convincing so it’s worth being wary of any message offering a prize.

Some other warning signs are mis-spellings and use of strange looking characters (“0” instead of “O”, for example).

While these might seem like quite obvious scams to some, the fact that they are repeatedly sent out means others are falling victim. That's why we keep covering them whenever we spot them.

If you do receive a suspicious text or email like the one above, report it to the retailer and inform the police’s Action Fraud organisation.

Of course, it's not just Morrisons that's used as the hook for these scams. Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Aldi, Lidl and Sainsbury's all feature regularly, as we explain in our supermarket voucher scam roundup.


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