New £1 coin: collector's editions released worth almost £2,000

New £1 coin: collector's editions released worth almost £2,000

There has been huge demand for the collector's edition £1 coins, with some versions selling out in hours.

Anna Jordan

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Anna Jordan
Updated on 6 March 2017

Commemorative new £1 coins from the Royal Mint are proving hugely popular with collectors.

The mint unveiled seven collector's editions of the 12-sided coin this morning (6 March), with prices ranging from £10 for the uncirculated coin to a whopping £1,995 for the gold Proof two-coin set.

By early afternoon two collections had already sold out completely.

The coins have been released ahead of the official new £1 coin going into circulation on 28 March.

We've included a photo and brief description of each collector's coin further down this article, but first here's a bit of background information.

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Design of the new £1 coin

The Royal Mint invited the public to submit designs for the "tails" side of new coin back in 2015. It finally selected an entry from David Pearce, who was just 15 at the time.

David’s design features a rose, leek, thistle and shamrock emerging from a Royal Coronet. 

Collector's editions of £1 coin released worth almost £2,000 (Image: Royal Mint)

Other submissions included regional landmarks and cultural interpretations of the UK, such as fish and chips and cups of tea.

"The winning idea combined traditional elements but also symbolised a modern United Kingdom in an elegant and a succinct way,” Dr Kevin Clancy, director of The Royal Mint Museum, who helped choose the design, said.

"It was a young person's interpretation of an idea while still being steeped in history and tradition," he added.

New £1 coin security features

New 12-sided £1 coins will be much harder to counterfeit.

“Some of the visible security features, such as the micro-lettering and a latent feature, can only be achieved through computer-aided design technology, which wasn’t available when the pound coin was introduced in 1983,” said Gordon Summers, the chief engraver.

The Royal Mint says the addition of its patented High Security Feature has added to its reputation as the most secure coin in the world. 

As it stands, the current ‘round pound’ is vulnerable to scams, with one in 30 reportedly being fake.

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In pictures: commemorative £1 coins

Here's a look at the new collector's coins available from the Royal Mint. 

The sale price is included in the headline of each.

Nations of the Crown 2017 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin – £10

Commemorative new £1 coins (Image: Royal Mint)

The Nations of the Crown is finished to ‘Brilliant Uncirculated’ standard.

The sale price for the coin is £10 at the Royal Mint – we’ve seen opportunists listing the coins on auction sites for £13 or more, so make sure you don’t overpay!

Farewell & Nations of the Crown 2016 Brilliant Uncirculated 2 Coin Set – £55

Commemorative new £1 coin (Image: Royal Mint)

Available for pre-order, this two-coin set features a Brilliant Uncirculated new £1 coin, one of the only 2016-dated £1 coins to be released as a commemorative edition.

You'll also get a 2016-dated 'last round pound', which was designed by Gregory Cameron.

Only 10,000 sets will be made available by the Royal Mint. 

Nations of the Crown 2017 Coin Silver Proof – £75

Commemorative new £1 coins (Image: Royal Mint)

This version of the coin is struck in sterling silver and enhanced with fine gold.

Nations of the Crown 2017 Silver Piedfort Proof Coin – £130

Commemorative new £1 coins (Image: Royal Mint)

The Piedfort coin is double the thickness and is struck in sterling silver, enhanced with fine gold and finished to Proof standard.

Nations of the Crown 2017 Coin Gold Proof – £950

Commemorative new £1 coins (Image: Royal Mint)

Struck in yellow gold and enhanced with red gold, the gold Proof is one of the most valuable in the collection.

It comes with a limited-edition presentation case.

Nations of the Crown 2017 Coin Platinum Proof – £1,325 (SOLD OUT)

Commemorative new £1 coins (Image: Royal Mint)

It’s the first time that the platinum £1 coin has been made available to buy as an individual issue, which goes some way to explaining the hefty price tag.

It's struck in platinum and enhanced with fine gold, finished to Proof standard. Sadly for anyone interested in buying it, the coin has already sold out on the Royal Mint site. 

No doubt we'll soon see some of the coins selling on auction sites – for an increased price, of course.

Farewell & Nations of the Crown Gold Proof 2 Coin Set – £1,995 (SOLD OUT)

 Commemorative new £1 coins (Image: Royal Mint)

The new 2017-dated coin is presented in a two-coin set with the 2016-dated last ‘round pound’.

It’s the most exclusive set of the lot, with only 100 being made available. The hefty price tag of £1,995 hasn't put off collectors, who have already snapped up every single set.

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