Poundland: shopping hacks and tricks to save more money

Poundland: shopping hacks and tricks to save more money

Poundland has announced a huge sale, with many goods selling for 50p. Read on to find out more about this and seven more tips for saving at the budget retailer.

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Saving and Making Money

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Updated on 2 August 2017

Poundland is an Aladdin’s Cave for the savviest of shoppers, but there are some simple tricks to bear in mind to ensure you get the best deal every time!

Shop the first-ever summer sale

Poundland has launched its first-ever half price summer sale.

The event starts today (1 August) and includes thousands of products for 50p instead of the usual £1 price tag. Discounts are available on summer toys, gardening, clothing, jewellery, outdoor living and selected confectionary.

Poundland trading director Barry Williams said: “No-one loves a bargain more than Poundland customers and our promise to them is clear – amazing value every day. Our first ever summer sale is yet another example of how we provide customers with that value.”

The sale is on until the end of August.

Don’t be fooled by unusual sizes

To keep items priced at £1, many brands that are sold in Poundland are smaller versions of what you will find in a supermarket.

So for example you may be able to pick up a Warburtons loaf of bread (400g) for £1 at Poundland., but typically the same product is 800g at other retailers.

With Kellogg’s cornflakes for example you can buy a 250g box for £1 at Poundland, but head to the supermarkets and you’ll get 450g boxes on offer for £1.75.

If you are likely to use more, you'd end up better off with the bigger product from a normal supermarket!

You can still find some bargains though. I found Windolene 4 action system for glass and shiny surfaces was selling at Poundland for £1 for 500ml, while a 750ml bottle was on sale for twice the price at Tesco.

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 Check out the 'case deals'

Poundland offers a range of case deals, where you get a better deal from buying in bulk.

For example, right now there is a Huggies Pure Baby Wipes case deal. One pack of 56 baby wipes will cost you £1, but go for a case of 10 and it will only set you back £5. 

To put that into context, a set of 12 packs at Asda would cost you £7, while at Sainsbury's a pack of 10 would cost you £8 at the moment.

Be open-minded

Don't be sniffy about Poundland's own range of products. 

Poundland’s Make Up Gallery line was launched in October 2014, with women’s magazines Vogue and Cosmopolitan praising the range and stating it was comparable to some pricier cosmetics.

Over 100 cosmetics products are included in the range, including foundations, mascaras, eyeshadows and lip glosses, all for just £1 each.

Get your timing right

The stock is replenished every day and throughout the day. The best time visit is in the morning, as popular items will go quickly, so get in there early and bag a bargain!

Use multibuys and promotions

Special promotions and offers are available each week, whether you're shopping online or in store.

These will cover two- or three-for-one deals as well as a range of discounts across areas like fitness, fragrance & gifts and home & kitchen.

At the time of writing, you can pick up three HP Baked beans (415g) and other selected tinned foods for £1.

When supermarkets work out cheaper

If you are determined to stick to branded products, then Poundland is often cheaper than the supermarkets.

[ADVERT]For example, at the time of writing a Gillette Classic Sensitive Shaving Gel (200ml) will set you back £1 at Poundland, compared to anything from £1.50 to £2.10 at the nation's big supermarkets. But go for a supermarket's own version of sensitive shaving gel and you could pay as little as 50p.

Take a chance on the batteries

According to Poundland, one of its top-selling products is Kodak AA batteries.

Costing just £1 for a pack of 16, you can see why they are so popular. To put that into context, Asda's own AA batteries cost £7 or two for £8.

It's worth noting that opinion is divided on just how good the batteries are, with some claiming that they were used up within hours. But at that low price, they have to be worth a go.

Party time!

Poundland is a brilliant place to shop if you have a kid’s party on the horizon.

For example, you can pick up 15 party bags for £1, as well as a host of party bag fillers, party cups and napkins, all for £1 each. 

Sign up for the newsletter

As with many retailers, Poundland sends out regular email newsletters detailing the latest deals.

So, sign up and don't miss out on a bargain! There are plenty of competitions on the go too. For example, use the #FoundAtPoundland hashtag on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and you could win £50 in vouchers to spend in store.

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