The current accounts that include travel insurance

The current accounts that include travel insurance

We round up the free and fee-charging current accounts that offer account holders some form of travel insurance.

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John Fitzsimons
Updated on 12 November 2019

Finding the right travel insurance can be time-consuming so it’s understandable why some people may be tempted by current accounts that offer free travel insurance.

We reveal what your options are and what they include.

Nationwide FlexPlus

Nationwide’s FlexPlus account offers worldwide family travel insurance, but the account comes with a monthly fee of £13.

Travel insurance is available for those under 69 years of age, but you can pay £65 extra a year to ensure cover after this age.

Worldwide family mobile phone insurance and UK and European breakdown cover and recovery assistance is also included.

The building society recently announced it was tweaking its travel insurance policy, so we got in touch to find out what was changing with the FlexPlus policy.

Here are the key changes, according to a spokesperson:

  • Increased the funeral or cremation limit;
  • Increased emergency cash limit to £300;
  • Introduced new upgrades for cruise cover and personal belongings;
  • Reduced the missed delay or abandoned departure cover;
  • Added an additional cancellation reason – vehicle accident or breakdown in the seven days before departure for self-drive holidays.

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Club Lloyds Platinum

Club Lloyds Platinum includes many of the benefits of its Silver account, which is no longer available to new customers.

For £19 a month (plus £3 if you fail to pay in at least £1,500 a month), worldwide travel insurance is available to account holders up to the age of 80.

The insurance covers you and your family for up to 45 consecutive days per trip.

Winter sports is covered for a maximum of 31 days in any calendar year.

Other extras with this account include AA breakdown cover, mobile phone insurance, a £300 fee-free overdraft and up to 2% in-credit interest.

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Lloyds branch. (Image: Shutterstock/D K Grove)


Barclays allows you to personalise your current account by adding ‘packs’ which will cost you a monthly fee.

For £12.50 a month, you can add the Travel Pack. This offers worldwide, multi-trip travel insurance, which covers you, your domestic partner, children and joint account holders, up to the age of 80.

All trips must start and end in the UK and last no longer than 31 days and includes RAC breakdown cover in the UK and Europe.

There’s also the Travel Plus Pack, which costs £18 a month and includes worldwide, multi-trip travel insurance for you, your domestic partner, children and joint account holders up to the age of 80.

You get six free airport lounge visits every year, which can be used by you or your family – or you can opt for a free spa treatment at an airport instead.

RAC breakdown cover in the UK and Europe is included, as well as discounts on airport parking and hotel packages.

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NatWest Premier

With NatWest’s Premier Reward Black Account, you can get worldwide travel insurance for you and your family for trips of up to 90 days, including 31 days for winter sports.

For those over the age of 70, you need to contact NatWest every year for cover, be medically screened and pay an annual premium of £75 per person.

Mobile phone insurance, UK and European breakdown cover, home emergency service and discounts on theatre and cinema tickets are also included.

You can also get unlimited access to over 1,000 lounges worldwide and discounts at restaurants, cafes and spas in airports among other benefits – all for £31 a month.

On top of these features, you can also receive £150 for switching to NatWest by 6 December, which also applies to the Select Premier account.

NatWest branch. (Image: Shutterstock)

The Reward Platinum account costs £20 a month and includes worldwide multi-trip travel insurance, UK breakdown cover, mobile phone insurance, Tastecard membership and discounted cinema tickets.

Again, there's a £75 annual premium on the travel insurance for those over 70.

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) offers Select Silver and Select Platinum accounts, and the £150 switching offer from RBS is only valid until 29 November. 

All these accounts by RBS and NatWest also allow you to earn 2% in cashback on seven types of household bills paid by Direct Debit although from February 2020, you'll no longer receive 2% cashback. 

Instead, you'll get a set amount, which depends on having at least two Direct Debits set up and you logging into the account every month.

You can find out more about how the Rewards scheme will work here.

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Halifax Ultimate Reward

The Ultimate Reward Account from Halifax costs £17 a month (or £15 if you pay in £750 a month and set up two Direct Debits from the account) and includes worldwide multi-trip family travel insurance.

Other benefits include AA breakdown cover, mobile phone insurance, home emergency cover and the chance to earn cashback with certain retailers when you pay with your debit card.

Do your sums

Before you sign up for a premium current account, it's worth working out the value of the benefits the account offers versus how much they would cost if you bought them separately.

And if you don't use one or more of the benefits, then it's not likely to be worth the monthly fee.

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