Direct Save Telecom launches broadband for £1.95 a month

Pay less than £2 a month for high speed broadband from Direct Save Telecom.

The last month has seen a series of incredibly cheap broadband deals launched, with Tesco attracting plenty of attention with a deal costing just £2 a month.

Now it's been undercut by a broadband package from Direct Save Telecom, with a deal that will cost a platry £1.95 a month.

The cheapest unlimited broadband

In what's being billed as 'the cheapest unlimited broadband in the UK', Direct Save's deal stacks up as follows:

  • Monthly fee of £1.95 for unlimited usage
  • Monthly line rental of £14.95 (reduced to £9.95 a month if paid 12 months in advance)
  • One-off start-up fee of £24.95 applies
  • Includes free UK evening and weekend calls
  • Includes free wireless router (worth £35)
  • 24-month contract

Broadband for less than a pint

Frankly, it seems amazing that high-speed internet access can now be had for less than the price of a pint down the pub. What this also shows is how millions of Brits are being ripped off by paying up to £20 a month for bog-standard, limited broadband.

Once we do the maths, this Direct Save deal looks unbeatable for everyday low value. Here's how much this broadband package costs over two years:


Total over

two years

Initial fee


Monthly fee of £1.95


Monthly line rental of £9.95




At just under £311 for two years, this deal works out at £12.94 a month for broadband and landline. This is less than most households pay in landline rental alone!

Once your Direct Save fixed-term contract runs out after two years, you move onto a simple, rolling 28-day contract. This enables you to switch providers at less than a month's notice once a better deal comes up.

Therefore, if you're looking for fast broadband at a fair price, then forget headline-grabbing deals, special offers and sudden price jumps. Direct Save's £1.95-a-month deal blows every other UK broadband offer out the water. Indeed, it could save you hundreds of pounds over the next couple of years.

The best of the rest

Here are the next cheapest deals after the Direct Save package


Usage limit


Call package

Up-front cost

Monthly cost

Total first-year cost

Tesco Broadband & Evening and Weekend calls


Up to 14Mb

Evening and weekend calls


£2 plus £14.90 line rental


Primus Saver Broadband + Phone


Up to 14Mb

Evening and weekend calls


£2 for the first six months, £4 thereafter plus £14.90 line rental

£204.80 if you get the £10 credit for buying through

EE Broadband & Off-peak calls (EE/T-Mobile/Orange mobile customers only)


Up to 14Mb

Evening and weekend calls


£5 plus £14 line rental

£204 if you get the £3- credit for buying through

TalkTalk Unlimited Broadband & Phone Essential


Up to 14Mb

Evening and weekend calls


£3.25 for the first nine months, £6.50 thereafter plus £14.95 line rental


Tesco Broadband & Anytime calls


Up to 14Mb

Anytime calls


£6.50 plus £14.90 line rental


No hidden catches

The last time Direct Save 'broke the broadband mould' in 2012, sales of its £2.49 broadband surged. This led it to recruit 120 new staff for its Watford HQ and two new offices in Slough and Croydon.

Stavros Tsolakis, chief executive of Direct Save Telecom, says: "Unlike other providers, our prices stay the same every month, so what you see is what you get. We don’t make up headline-grabbing offers, only to move the goalposts six months down the line. With our new £1.95 offer, customers will only pay £1.95 for the entire length of their contract -- there will be no hidden charges, no prices hikes and zero alterations."

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