Tesco Clubcard Prices error: 'small number' of discounts not applied online

Tesco Clubcard Prices error: 'small number' of discounts not applied online

Some online shoppers have missed out on Tesco Clubcard Prices discounts due to a ‘technical error’, but those affected should automatically receive a Tesco voucher via email.

Lisa-Marie Voneshen

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Lisa-Marie Voneshen
Updated on 8 October 2020

Tesco recently launched its Clubcard Prices offering Clubcard holders discounts up to 50% on dozens of items, but some online shoppers haven’t benefitted from lower prices due to a ‘technical error.’

A Tesco customer revealed that they received a £10 e-coupon to cover missing savings they should have gotten through the promotion.

In an email shared with loveMONEY, Tesco said:  

“We’re really sorry but, due to a technical error, the Clubcard Prices discount on your purchases and your Clubcard points were not added to your account.

“We will email you a £10 e-coupon for Tesco online grocery to cover the missing Clubcard Prices saving and make sure that the Clubcard points you are owed are also added to your account.”

Tesco added that Clubcard points will be credited to their account ‘within 24 hours.’

We found a few online shoppers that were also having issues via Tesco’s Twitter page.

What did Tesco say?

We got in touch with Tesco to see whether this was a widespread issue.

A spokesperson told us: “Unfortunately, due to a technical error a very small proportion of people didn’t have their discount applied,” said a spokesperson for Tesco.

“We’re really sorry this happened, and we have contacted those affected and issued them with an e-coupon to cover this.”

Tesco added that it was investigating how many customers have been affected and we’ll update this article when they respond.

Do substitutions get discounted?

We also noticed on Twitter that a Tesco customer was charged the full price on a Clubcard Prices item that was substituted instead of the discounted price they were expecting.

Tesco has confirmed it is investigating the matter and has contacted the customer.

Again we'll let you know how Tesco responds, but it does highlight the importance of checking your receipts to make sure you have indeed saved.

The person who sent us the initial email from Tesco admitted they had no idea the discount hadn't been applied.

If you discover you’ve missed out and haven’t received an email, get in touch with customer services.

You can call them on 0800 323 4040, email them via this link, or Tweet them.

Were you affected by the pricing error? Let us know in the comments section below.

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