How to find the cheapest petrol and diesel prices near you

Updated on 21 August 2019

You can save 5p per litre at Morrisons, 10p per litre at Tesco or Sainsbury's, or get £10 in cashback for a limited time only. Read on to find out how each offer works and get more useful tips to slash your fuel bill, including how to find the cheapest petrol and diesel prices near you.

Save 5p per litre at Morrisons or 10p per litre at Tesco or Sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s customers can save 10p per litre on fuel when they spend £60 or more in a single transaction either online or in store between 22 and 27 August.

Eligible customers will receive a coupon at the checkout or when they receive their groceries, which need to be delivered by the 27th.

It’s best to keep your coupon close to hand so you don’t forget to use it as it is only valid at Sainsbury’s petrol stations for up to 14 days after your shop.

Similar to previous promotions, exclusions apply, and the coupon is not valid at Pay@Pump.

But you can top up your car with unleaded petrol, super unleaded petrol, diesel or LPG up to a maximum of 100 litres – and collect one Nectar point for every litre purchased.  

Morrisons customers can save 5p a litre on fuel when they spend £40 in store (not online) until Sunday, 25 August.

Eligible customers will receive a voucher that allows them to top up for less, but it's only valid until 1 September. 

If you don't shop at Morrisons or have a Tesco store nearby, you could save even more on fuel. 

Tesco customers can save 10p per litre on fuel when they spend £60 or more on groceries in a single shop either in-store or online until 25 August.

You’ll receive a coupon automatically at the checkout, when your shopping is delivered, or when you use Click+Collect (if you qualify).

Of course, any groceries ordered online need to be delivered or collected by 25 August.

The coupon is only valid for up to 100 litres of fuel (so a maximum saving of £10) and must be used within two weeks of purchase, so make you sure you don’t forget to use it!

Unfortunately, there are some exclusions from the qualifying spend, including gift cards and prescription medicines.

Tesco says coupons are not issued at Express stores selling Esso fuel and cannot be redeemed at these stores or used for Pay at Pump transactions.

You can check out the full terms and conditions here.  

The promotion by Tesco follows a warning from the RAC, which revealed petrol and diesel prices rose in July, but pump prices are still cheaper compared to the start of June.

£10 cashback on fuel

You can get £10 cashback when you buy at least £10 worth of fuel from Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Asda, The Co-operative, Esso, BP, Texaco, Gulf, Total, Jet, Murco and Shell.

Unfortunately, this generous deal is only available to new members of or those with no previous purchases or cashback through the site.

You need to take a picture of your receipt and upload to get the cashback.

The following details have to clearly eligible on the photo of your receipt:

  • The date and time of purchase;
  • The fuel station name;
  • The item purchased that’s eligible for cashback (in this case fuel)

This offer won’t be around for long – it’s available until midnight on 1 September or until the redemption limit of 10,000 is reached.

While temporary promotions like the above are welcome, it's important you take steps to ensure you get the best possible price every time you fill up.

Read on to learn our top tips for finding the cheapest petrol and diesel.

Please note that the rest of this article is an evergreen guide to saving on fuel for new readers. Regular readers will likely be familiar with the tips as it has featured in the newsletter before. 

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Find the cheapest petrol or diesel station near you

How to find the cheapest local petrol and diesel prices and offers

The price you pay for petrol or diesel will vary depending on where you live – and there are even greater variations depending on which specific fuel station you choose to fill up at.

Recent research suggests finding the best value station when filling up could save you £226 on petrol and £158 on diesel on average every year.

So, make sure you do your homework to find the cheapest station in your area.

You can do this easily enough by entering your postcode on and comparing prices nearby.

Read more: cheapest and most expensive countries to buy fuel in

Petrol station loyalty cards

Various petrol stations offer loyalty cards, which can help you save on the cost of filling up.

For example, Texaco operates the Star Rewards scheme. You get one point for every litre of petrol or diesel that you buy.

Once you hit 500 points, you can turn that into a £5 voucher to use the next time you fill the car. You'll get 50 bonus points for signing up, getting you well on the way to the 500-point mark.

Alternatively, you can convert those points into vouchers for retailers including Argos and Marks & Spencer.

Shell operates a similar scheme called Shell Drivers Club, where two points are effectively worth 1p.

You'll get one point for every litre of Shell Regular diesel, Shell Regular unleaded and Shell Autogas LPG, or two points for every litre of V-Power unleaded or diesel.

Further points can be earned when you spend in the service station, or if you get your car washed. Finally, you can bag a bonus 200 points by registering your card online. You can then convert 500 points into a £2.50 voucher.

In 2019, BP is to drop out of the Nectar point scheme and launch its own loyalty scheme, although further details are yet to be confirmed. In June, Esso will join the Nectar point scheme.

You can read our detailed review of the best fuel loyalty schemes here.

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Pay with the right credit card

Using the right credit card to pay for your fuel is also an easy way to save cash.

How to find the cheapest local petrol and diesel prices and offersFor example, the ASDA Cashback Credit Card pays 1% cashback on all ASDA fuel purchases and has no annual fee.

As always with cashback cards, only use them if you can pay off your debt in full each month, or the interest you rack up will far outweigh the benefits.

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Improve your car's fuel efficiency!

The final way to ensure that you pay as little for your petrol and diesel every time you fill up is to make your fuel go further.

Here are some simple things that the motoring experts at WhatCar? recommend doing to improve your fuel efficiency.

Remove excess weight

Take those bulky items out if you don’t need them – if the baby is staying at home, so can their buggy!

Reduce dragHow to find the cheapest local petrol and diesel prices and offers

Things like bike racks and roof boxes add extra wind resistance, so your car has to work harder. If you aren’t using them, take them off.

Look after your car

Get your car serviced regularly and pump up your tyres. Look after your car, and it will look after your bank balance.

Plan your journey

Work out your route before you head off. That way you won’t end up driving further than necessary, or get stuck in traffic.

Do you really need the air con on?

Unless you really need it, leave the air conditioning off. The same goes for all other electrical appliances in the car.

Be gentle

Be gentle with your gear changes and braking.

Engine stop/start

Some modern cars are fitted with engine stop-start technology. Making the most of that, by taking your foot off the clutch when you are stationary, will help you save fuel.

Don’t speed

WhatCar? research suggests that driving at 80mph uses up to 25% more fuel than going at 70mph.

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