The best fee-free 0% balance transfer cards

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Our pick of the best fee-free 0% balance transfer credit cards for those who don't want to pay a balance transfer fee upfront.

If you want to shift debt to another ‘0%’ credit card, you're usually asked to pay a percentage of the debt upfront in the form of a transfer fee, which is the lender's way of making a profit.

The longest deals on the market (29 months at the time of publishing) generally charge hefty fees of up to 3%.

While these are still far cheaper than letting debt rack up costly interest, there is a better option out there for those able to pay off their debt in a shorter period of time.

Fee-free balance transfer cards allow you to move debt without paying a penny. But what's the catch?

The 0% periods on offer may understandably be shorter than their fee-charging rivals.

In this article, we look at the truly free balance transfer cards on the market.

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The best cards available right now

Credit Card

0% period on balance transfers

Representative APR after 0% period ends

Santander Everyday Credit Card

18 months


NatWest/RBS Balance Transfer Card (only customers can apply)*

18 months


*No balance transfer fee applies to transfers in the first three months of account opening.

Santander's Everyday Credit Card has one of the longest interest-free periods at 18 months, plus you won’t incur a fee for transfers at any point during the interest-free period.

We recently re-added the NatWest/RBS Balance Transfer Card to our best buy list after the banks scrapped their balance transfer fee.

This card offers 0% interest for 18 months, but you’ll be charged for balance transfers after the first three months of account opening, and you'll need to have a current account, savings account, mortgage or credit card with either RBS or NatWest to apply. 

Compare credit cards (Image: CTM)

Will I get the headline rate?

As you can imagine, you’ve got to have a stellar credit rating to get the best deal.

If your score is poor, it’s a good idea to give it a boost. Find out more at How to improve your credit rating and get the best deals.

Still not found the right card for you? View our complete guide to credit cards to see all your options.

*While all content is completely editorially independent, loveMONEY has teamed up with Compare the Market to provide credit card price comparison services. Compare the Market Limited acts as a credit broker, not a lender. To apply you must be a UK resident and aged 18 or over. Credit is subject to status and eligibility.

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