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How I saved £1,200 on my new boiler

Donna Ferguson
by Lovemoney Staff Donna Ferguson on 11 November 2013  |  Comments 83 comments

Need to install a new boiler? Read this article first!

How I saved £1,200 on my new boiler

Installing a new boiler is one of the largest single expenses homeowners and landlords ever have to face. It’s also one of the trickiest purchases to get right - and if you get it wrong, it could prove a very expensive mistake indeed.

I went through the process myself a couple of years ago and was taken aback by the range of different quotes I was offered and the huge costs involved. I needed to install a new boiler in a new location in my flat and I wanted it to be done right - I didn’t want to face any further boiler-related expenses for a good few years afterwards. And, of course, I wanted to pay as little as possible.

In the end I managed to get what I hope is a fantastic new boiler, guaranteed for parts and labour for the next six years. And I saved £1,200!

Here’s how I did it:

1) I started with British Gas

As British Gas is the market-leading boiler installer in the UK, I decided to get a quote from them as a starting point. I didn’t particularly expect the quote to be competitive - but I wasn’t prepared for just how expensive it proved to be.

I was advised I would need around three metres of new pipes to change the location of my boiler, despite the fact that there were existing pipes much closer to the new location (which my builder did point out to the British Gas ‘heating sales adviser’ who came round). This extra pipework also meant I needed to pay a materials delivery charge, a waste collection and disposal charge, and spend around £400 on some very minor electrical and building work. All of which, I was assured, was absolutely necessary. In total, this came to £900.

On top of this, I was told I needed to spend a further £350 on a system water treatment and powerflush.

Connecting the boiler and testing it would cost a further £1,625, while the boiler itself (a Worcester Bosch Combi) would cost £1,000.

So, in total, I was quoted £3,770 to get a £1,000 new boiler installed in my flat.

The British Gas salesman stressed several times that I would get one year’s ‘complimentary’ Homecare cover (Homecare is a British Gas insurance policy that protects you from any boiler-related problems). But he cannily failed to mention the boiler is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for the first year anyway.

What angered me the most was how much pressure I was put under to make a decision that day. The salesman offered me a discount of extra £150, but only if I signed on the dotted line immediately.

Shame on you, British Gas!

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2) I shopped around on the internet

I decided to shop around for a few more quotes to see whether £3,770 was competitive.

First on my list: Pimlico Plumbers, which had been recommended by a friend. But when I called up, I was told that a quote for a boiler installation would cost £100+VAT! OK, so the money would be taken off the price of the installation if I went ahead, but I still put down the phone pretty sharp-ish.

Looking around on the internet, I could also see that npower offers boiler installations. But bad experiences with this company as an energy customer meant I didn’t want to touch them with a barge pole!

Instead, I opted to get a quote from Northern Gas Heating. Despite the name, this is a nationwide boiler installation company. I liked the look of it because it has won some industry awards. It also offers £100 cashback if it can’t beat a quote from British Gas, E.ON or npower.

So far, so good. But again, a 'technician' who worked in sales - not then the engineer who would be installing the boiler - was sent round to give me a quote. Again, I pointed out the existing pipes nearby to the new location of the boiler. This time, I was told the pipes could be connected to the new boiler, but Northern Gas Heating “would not be responsible for any leaks”.

Hardly music to my ears. The salesman also incorrectly identified some new pipes as old pipes, saying they needed to be changed (they didn't, as they had only been installed the month before).

In total, the quote for the boiler installation came to £3,170. So, a £600 improvement on British Gas, and it included an excellent five-year warranty on the boiler.

But the sales-like nature of this visit put me off. Could I do better elsewhere?

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3) I looked for a qualified independent installer

A Which? survey a little while back revealed independent boiler engineers often provide a better service than those who work for the big brands. And I noticed that Worcester Bosch provides a local accredited installer search on its website, and underwrites a guarantee of up to seven years on the installer's work (so long as you get it serviced once a year).

The independent nationwide firm I found using the Worcester Bosch search, Mikey’s Plumbing & Heating, could not have been more knowledgeable, professional and polite. Mikey himself - the engineer who would be carrying out the work - came round to do the quote. He said it wasn't a problem to reconnect the existing pipes to the new boiler and he could still guarantee the labour and parts for six years. He then offered to carry out the entire job for just £2,550. This included the six-year guarantee underwritten by Worcester Bosch (so if Mikey goes bust, the guarantee still stands) and two years’ free servicing, a chemical flush, a wireless programmable room thermostat (which is truly awesome!) and all the ‘make good’ building work.

I jumped at this offer and Mikey came round and did an excellent job that very week. I saved £1,200 on the British Gas quote, got six years of peace of mind about all parts and labour relating to the boiler, and I've found an excellent plumbing and boiler firm to boot.

Take that, British Gas!

Two years later....

I originally wrote this article two years ago. Since the true test of any boiler is whether it stands the test of time, I thought it was high time I added an update. After all, my top priority was not only to get the cheapest boiler I could find, but also to get a reliable boiler (and, failing that, a reliable boiler engineer) that would ensure heating my home was expense- and hassle-free for years to come.

And I am glad to say that I haven’t had to spend a single penny on the boiler since Mikey installed it. It works like a dream and never causes me any bother. Our hot water is always hot and our flat is wonderfully warm. I never worry about the pipes freezing while we are away because of a magical ‘on holiday’ button I can press and take the temperature down, but above freezing, for any specified amount of time. And our fuel bills have been noticeably lower since we installed it.

As if that wasn’t enough, I feel very glad to have found Mikey, who has since helped me out with a number of bathroom plumbing issues, installed new radiators and carried out annual boiler services right on time.

I have found tradespeople on the internet before but never anyone who has really earned my trust the way he has. I would highly recommend the Worcester Bosch accredited installer search as a result (or, indeed, Mikey himself, who now offers an amazing eight-year guarantee on some of the boilers he installs).

When I think of the extra cost I could have ended up paying British Gas, not only for the boiler but for unnecessary boiler cover, my blood really starts to boil.

Luckily, I avoided that trap and I am glad that, judging by some of your comments, the readers who have read this article have also managed to do so.

Still, there is a long way to go before the words ‘boiler’ and ‘rip-off’ stop being associated in this country. Until then, keep your wits about you - and make sure you shop around for the best possible quote.

Tell us your tips

Have you had any similar experiences when installing a new boiler? Let us know!

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Please feel free to leave details of good local plumbers/boiler installers in your area if you know of any, to help other readers. No advertising by firms please.

This is a classic lovemoney article that has been updated

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Comments (83)

  • Bobski
    Love rating 20
    Bobski said

    I wonder how BG ever gets any work at the quotes they give. I have had 2 quotes off them and gone elswhere both times.

    Report on 04 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  1 love
  • jerser59
    Love rating 2
    jerser59 said

    Don't even consider using any of the so-called market leaders - They're just too expensive for installations etc. I've an old servowarm Boiler(1981) that gets serviced annually by a local tradesman I've been using for years. I'm also informed that if anything goes wrong with my boiler, spares are readily available - And ther'e cost-effective too. And the cost of the service - 50 Quid.

    Report on 04 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  2 loves
  • gez
    Love rating 8
    gez said

    Yep, I had exactly the same experience a couple of years ago for a more complicated job. BG approx £4k, NPower even higher at over £5k. Used CheckATrade to find a recommended local installer who was WorcesterBosch acredited agent (so in my case 5 year warranty), negotiated including a MagnaClean and thermostatic radiator valves to 15 rads, new timer & 2 way valve and all done to a superb standard for £2.4k.

    Never use BG or NPwr!

    And the real bonus is that my gas usage has reduced by approx 40%, so most of the cost has already been recouped.

    Report on 04 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  1 love
  • gez
    Love rating 8
    gez said

    jerser - I would be inclined to double check how cost effective your 1981 boiler really is. Mine was about that era, an old Potterton Kingfisher and it has definitely proven to have been very uneconomical vs. a new WB condensing boiler. But I would probably have the same view - If it aint broke dont fix it!

    Report on 04 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • Talent
    Love rating 79
    Talent said

    If I had saved £1,200 on my boiler installation, they would have been giving me some money back!

    My mother-in-law was ripped off royally by British Gas, she paid nearly £6,000 for an upgrade (radiators and pipework already in place) and a new fancy marble surround gas fire. The boiler was repositioned onto the kitchen wall.

    She was very independent and insisted on using British Gas because it's what her husband would have done.... their workers were the best. The guys that installed the stuff were not British Gas engineers, just a local sub-contractor.

    At 90 years old she was given a gas fire that she had to kneel down to light! Floorboards on the landing and in the bathroom were loose and the carpet had been damaged in front of the fireplace. At this point I blew my top and and made some very heated calls to 'British Gas', who it turned out were not British Gas at all but someone who got work for British Gas. Sub -contractors sub-contracting hey!! Also it turned out the guy that did the initial survey was self employed and they would not give me his details.... I really needed to chew his ears off.

    Eventually the fire was changed for one with a slide control high enough for it to be operated from her fireside chair. The next time we visited I noticed the marble surround was cracked! On the phone again, I was told she must have been cleaning the fireplace too vigorously!! At 90. Eventually an 'inspector' checked the installation and decided the guy that put in the new fire had pushed it into place too hard. I'll lay odds that guy knew what he'd done. She was offered £70 compensation. I got her to refuse this and insist on a new piece of marble. She didn't want to do this as it may get the installer in trouble....

    A lovely, very old lady, ripped off by what she thought was a fair, British, national institution. Happily she got the new marble and lived a few more years to enjoy it.

    Disgusting British Gas.

    Report on 04 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  3 loves
  • Mike10613
    Love rating 626
    Mike10613 said

    Salesmen doing the quotes is the problem, they are trained to sell; not to do quotes. They also sell to government and so imagine how much of your taxation goes to pay these people. The government including the NHS gets ripped off every day like this; this is where cuts should be applied. Many retired engineers could do the job properly but they have young people in smart suits who try to fast talk you into signing on the bottom line. You can resist and refuse, but when it's millions of pounds of taxpayers money; would you still resist and refuse or take the easy option?

    Report on 04 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  1 love
  • oldhenry
    Love rating 343
    oldhenry said

    Some body has to pay for the advertising and the Directors' bonuses- and that is you the user.

    The local heating engineer has a vested interest in doing a good job and getting bisiness by recommendation.

    I had one round a few years ago to assess my very ol dfloor mounted boiler. It is anceint but working.

    He said leave it alone and wait for it to really break down. You will not recoup the cost of a new boiler and changes to teh heating system by reductions in gas. Also the new boilers and complicated and full of items that will break within ten years or less.

    The whole of the UK is now founded on a rip-off coulture in teh name of saving teh planet. What rubbish the sun will burn out one day anyway- who is going to stop that?

    I know let's have a sun burn out tax?

    Report on 04 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  1 love
  • ah1978
    Love rating 0
    ah1978 said

    I wouldn't always go for the cheapest quote, you need to make sure they are going to do a good job and fit a decent boiler.

    I would assume that the Worcester fitted by BG would be covered by Worcester warranty as everyone else gets that. What BG were offering was cover for the rest of the system FOC (rads, valves, controls, etc.)

    Get three quotes from independents at least and get some recommendations from people

    Report on 04 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • Mullerman
    Love rating 6
    Mullerman said

    Save £1,200 leaving the old one on the wall.

    Report on 04 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  2 loves
  • easygoing
    Love rating 170
    easygoing said

    Mullerman you are so wrong!

    Report on 04 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • DailyMail
    Love rating 14
    DailyMail said

    easygoing, why is Mullerman 'so' wrong? Do please explain.

    Report on 04 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • cliffhouse
    Love rating 1
    cliffhouse said

    British gas wanted to charge me £3,500 for a "replacement" boiler, so I went through the gas register which you can find on-line, it does look like a rogues gallery but I had ten quotes (and a huge variety of prices) and eventually found someone I could work with.

    I ordered the boiler from an on-line company and saved £700 over local high street prices, had the plumber fit it and flush the system for £350. this was Jan 2011.

    I also did this at a previous property (a lot more work involved this time) where B.G. wanted to charge £12k and eventualy got it for £3.5k and they did an excellent job.

    Whether you are putting in a new kitchen, having a roof done, a new bathroom - Shop around whatever it is and where possible buy the goods yourself (e.g. we had a handbuilt kitchen made by a furniture company and then had someone fit it - cost half the price of the "kitchens companies" offerings and looked twice a good).

    Report on 04 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • JessenSqueak
    Love rating 0
    JessenSqueak said

    I used and still do the Worcester Bosch accredited boiler man who installed my boiler.

    Cost me £1700 to relocate and fit the new boiler about 4 years ago when I had the kitchen done. I have just had a power flush and the guy I use advised I have the new Fernox F1 filter fitted which although rather costly at about £250 fitted will prevent at rusty lumps from the system getting back in to the heat exchanger and I will never need a power flush again (big saving). Worcester Bosch are good as no doubt some other companies are but like most companies on the market if your heat exchanger dies through debris and or sludge it is not covered.

    Apparently the Fernox F1 also gives an ideal entry point in to the system to top up / replace inhibitor and treatments.

    Report on 04 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • fairmaid
    Love rating 4
    fairmaid said

    My husband is a self employed plumbing & heating engineer. He is also a Worcester Bosch accredited installer. He only recommends Worcester boilers and he also installs either a Fernox F1 filter or an Adey MagnaClean filter which as you say JessenSqueak prevents rustly particles from floating around your heating system. However, he would only charge £170 at the most for installing the filter. He would also never do a power flush - they can't be guaranteed and they do leave black gunge in the system. He would only do a chemical flush which can be done at a fraction of the cost of a power flush. Between 1st September and 31st December 2011 all Si and CDi boilers purchased and installed between these dates by an accredited installer can have an extra 3yrs making a total of 5yrs warranty free. This can be extended to 7yrs warranty for £75. So shop around and as previously commented on, the smaller sole trader business can give competitive prices for doing the work. Always use a Gas Safe Registered Engineer and in addition you can look on the Worcester Bosch website for an accredited installer in your area.

    Report on 05 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  1 love
  • laplennerie
    Love rating 20
    laplennerie said

    I just went down to local plumbers merchant with my plumbers card - loaned to me by my plumber and got a brand new Vaillant combi at half price. One has to be mad or have plenty of money to get British Gas to do any alterations in ones home. They always charge too much.


    Report on 05 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • Iamcoldsteve
    Love rating 329
    Iamcoldsteve said

    Fit it yourself and get a gas safe person to make the final gas connection, check the system and issue the cert.

    Job done (almost) and at a fraction of the cost.....

    A few years a go we were doing up our old house. Big job....

    Anyway, we spoke to a friend of my uncle who is a 'gas man' about replacing the old boiler (Glowworm Spacesaver) - basically he said don't bother. There is nothing to go wrong in it and although they aren't fantastically efficient, the cost of a new boiler that will only last 10 years won't be recouped. So we didn't replace it, and over the next 7 years the only thing that needed fixing was the thermocouple needed replacing twice (£5 each from B+Q and a 10 minute job for myself to replace). All in all a good 'investment' by not doing anything.

    Report on 05 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  1 love
  • Vern54
    Love rating 14
    Vern54 said

    My boiler is at least 35 years ols and has an annual inspection from British Gas. They always recommend that I replace it but my point is that I pay about £50 per month on average for my gas, and that the cost of installation of a new boiler which should last 10 to 15 years would never let me recoup my money in that time.

    Report on 05 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  1 love
  • DailyMail
    Love rating 14
    DailyMail said

    Nice to see people starting to 'get' this - replacing a safe, albeit less efficient than new, working boiler is not in any way a money saving idea. You'd be surprised at the amount of 'experts' who recommend such a thing. Scary.

    Report on 05 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • mandyfools
    Love rating 0
    mandyfools said

    Isn't it statutory for a landlord to replace an old unsafe boiler when it comes to a tenancy?

    Report on 06 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • OorWullie
    Love rating 38
    OorWullie said

    At my previous address where I resided for 18 years the boiler remained on all year and operated only when either hot water was required or the temperature dropped. During this time it required a pilot light coil on three occasions costing £2.00 per time and £20.00 to call out the local gas fitter who then serviced it. The unit never required any more attention; a great unit but I cannot recall its make.

    On taking over this present accommodation (an almost newly built house) it had a Worcester Bosch Combi that broke down at least 6 times yearly and on one occasion at Xmas it was not possible to get it serviced for 4 days and during a very cold snap. The service engineer was excellent but could not understand why it was continuously faulty. Fortunately it was under a maintenance contract but this did not include a replacement for a faulty unit! The previous owner had it for 18 months and said that it was in good order. He also said the heating costs (3 bed bungalow) was £20.00 monthly but it cost me considerably more.

    Subsequently I purchased a new boiler with a 6 year guarantee including parts and labour, a Glow-Worm Ultrapower SXI 170. Four years later it became faulty; that was at the beginning of this year. On seeking to invoke the guarantee I discovered that it was void as I had not had it serviced annually but to have done so would have cost over £100.00 per service (in my mathematics 4 x 100 = £400.00) bloody bandits! I contacted a local gas installer (self-employed) who could not trace its fault. He called twice and subsequently replaced a rubber type valve and it has been operating satisfactorily since. Total price of 2 call-outs and parts £64.00 which is an improvement on £400.00!

    I cannot trace the bill for this new boiler but with installation it would be around £3,500.00. I pay around £100.00 monthly for gas. I wonder if there's a leak somewhere or is it just my luck?

    Report on 06 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • Iamcoldsteve
    Love rating 329
    Iamcoldsteve said

    The annual service is also a con. If you look what they actually do. I quick once over and a hoover of the burner unit to remove any small debris. What a joke.

    Report on 06 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  1 love
  • riblo123
    Love rating 18
    riblo123 said

    British Gas - Bandits indeed... I would rather burn floorboards than allow that shower anywhere near my appliances.

    In my experience it is always less expensive, less hassle and reliable to have an independent installer with recommendations quote for a replacement boiler.

    When I used British Gas for a boiler service in 2006 they placed a 'Do Not Use Sticker' on the appliance telling me it was dangerous and quoted for unnecessary work. I pulled the sticker off and had it tested by an independent engineer and it passed !!!!

    After issuing court papers when BG refused to refund the cost of the engineer and one years insurance cover they paid up but not before requesting I sign a Tomlin Order which I refused.

    And people wonder why BG make £Millions a year in profit ...its not because they are competitive

    Report on 07 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  1 love
  • jmm01245
    Love rating 14
    jmm01245 said

    This is a very good article with some fantastic comments which have given me some very good pointers about my own boiler replacement yet to come.

    Report on 11 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • bernard7500
    Love rating 0
    bernard7500 said

    Existing gas boiler went out - local (ish) company we have used many times was called to get it going again. Was told boiler sound but replacement part to get it going again was no longer avilable and only solution was a new boiler. After engineer left I looked on internet and the first (of many listed) I called had just the part necessary. UPS delivered it to my door the following day. After calling the engineer to say I now had the part - he called later - fitted the part and the boiler is once again working.

    Was told that although the boiler is now operational that it was old and I would be sent a quotation for a replacement boiler.

    This quote has never been received and I can only imagine that the engineer must be feeling so foolish he never wishes to show his face again.

    Thought - might be wise to get a quote for a new boiler - shall try British Gas. The quotation man subsequently phoned me four times to see if I still wanted him to call and he eventually did. Arrived with laptop and armfuls of brochures and said he would be with me for an hour and a half. Gave him five minutes and then showed him the door. Do I think I shall receive a quotation from him? What do you think. Would I buy from British Gas? What do you think.

    Report on 19 September 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • electricblue
    Love rating 769
    electricblue said

    The law still allows a 'Competent Person' to install and repair their own appliances. We can argue on the definition of 'competent', but the fact is that many approved and registered installers legally employ unqualified but supposedly trained and competent installers under their certification. I'm in a rented house and my landlord takes care of the boiler, but the incompetent chimps employed by his gas technician wanted to replace a complete gas control valve assembly when all that was wrong was a circuit between an over temperature switch and the thermocouple circuit. I had to use my own electronic multi-meters to show the idiots what the actual fault was. I saved my landlord £200 and now insist on the owner of the gas company turning up himself. I've always done my gas installations in my own properties and then had the work signed off by a certified installer. As most new installation work is actually in the water side of the installation, which requires no legal qualifications (even when done for profit) , it is feasible to save thousands doing your own installs, provided that you can competently do your own plumbing. I wholeheartedly agree with using a recommended local installer rather than any of the national companies, particularly British Gas, who make up their own rules as they go along.

    Report on 16 November 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • Perry525
    Love rating 26
    Perry525 said

    As far as the law is concerned, if you get it wrong and your house blows are incompetent!

    Apparently over 50% of the work done on gas appliances is done by people who are not competent.

    Before these new rules came in, I installed and maintained my own central heating system, for keen diy people do as mentioned above, fit all the none gas bits, boilers are really cheap in the big box stores, take one home in the back of your car and fit will save a fortune.

    Report on 16 November 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • Perry525
    Love rating 26
    Perry525 said

    As far as the law is concerned, if you get it wrong and your house blows are incompetent!

    Apparently over 50% of the work done on gas appliances is done by people who are not competent.

    Before these new rules came in, I installed and maintained my own central heating system, for keen diy people do as mentioned above, fit all the none gas bits, boilers are really cheap in the big box stores, take one home in the back of your car and fit will save a fortune.

    Report on 16 November 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
    Love rating 0 said

    I know of a very good gas registerd heating engineer in Yorkshire. His contact is 07812025321. or email at

    Be careful to choose a gas safer registered insaller, A Whitelock is.

    His apprentice is female so many ladies prefer to know he takes account of how they may feel if a single male is in the house!

    Report on 16 November 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • Moneysavingmad
    Love rating 0
    Moneysavingmad said

    I recently changed our old boiler, pretty much done the same as the writer done here and went to British Gas first who gave me a quote of nearly £3500 to replace an old Glowworm Boiler, then a friend told me to get a quote from Scottish & Southern Energy as he used them previously to install hes boiler. Well SSE were just £2400 for the same work, a saving of £1100 and it came with a full 5 year warranty directly from SSE themselves and 2 years Homecare Cover which includes my first 2 years servicing! So yes, do shop around but i can certainly recommend using SSE

    Report on 16 November 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • tuttogallo
    Love rating 99
    tuttogallo said

    First do loads of research on the interent about what is involved.

    Enter into an agreenment with a Corgi registered plumber, so that he cuts off the gas to the boiler.

    You then replace the boiler with one from B&Q. Connect up the electricity, refill the system. Test it to the extent you can (leaks etc).

    Call in your plumber to reconnect the gas, test and sign everything off.

    If you've done things like change a radiator, it won't be that much more difficult. Because you can take your time, you should get a much neater job as well as saving money.

    Report on 17 November 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • Santa
    Love rating 9
    Santa said

    Look guys - stop dissing BG. I still have my shares (remember Sid?) and we need the dividends.

    Report on 17 November 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • oldhenry
    Love rating 343
    oldhenry said

    The big problem with the 'replacement ' boiler is that nowadays the boilers sold are condensing boilers tha t need fully pumped systems. Many of the really old boilers like mone are floor standing conventional flue with gravity hot water and pumped central heating. This is how the cost spiral up, by needing a drain, new diverter valves and more sophisticated eletronics. The heat exchangers are small in new bolier and under a lot more strain than an old cast iron one. Most seem to give up at 10 years or less. meanwhile the fanned flue will perhaps give out in 3 to 5 years. All this means lots of lovely maintenance for the heating engineers . All encouraged by the government's drive for saving the planet.

    Report on 17 November 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • tuttogallo
    Love rating 99
    tuttogallo said

    You can still have a high efficiency condensing boiler with an old style fully pumped system, you dont have to switch to a combi. It's known as a system boiler.

    Report on 23 November 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • Renshi
    Love rating 0
    Renshi said

    You've been ripped-off, got my floorstanding old boiler replaced in my 4 bed London house, system flushed for a nice £2000. corgi registered plumber 2 yrs ago. Then had my mother's combi replaced last year, system flushed etc for £600 labour, I bought the boiler direct costing less than £1200. 2 Corgi heating engineers did the job in a 6 Hr day ( & replaced all the rad valves for thermostatic) So £300 each, not bad wages!

    Report on 06 October 2012  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • Bolier Worries
    Love rating 0
    Bolier Worries said

    I cant thank you enough for the above information. My boiler was playing up and I was charged a call out fee from the plumber who lived practically next door at a rate of £80 per half an hour and was given a quote to get a new boiler for £3120!

    I called Mikeys and he quoted me for everything including VAT and labour £2400.

    Such a relief as I was worried that I would have to spend the entire Winter without heating and hot water!

    Report on 20 October 2012  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • gibboxxx
    Love rating 5
    gibboxxx said

    British Gas is truely awful. For some strange reason we decided to go with BG for a "boiler service". We misunderstood this as it was actually just an inspection. It appears our Worcester Bosch boiler needs the condensation tray cleaned whenever the annual service is done. BG obviously didn't do this so the boiler started playing up and showing an error message a few months later. The boiler was 4 years old so still under the warranty. Worcester Bosch came out, fixed the problem and noticed that the fan was slightly noisy and replaced that as well (a part that would nornally cost £300 - £400!!). I can't recommend Worcester Bosch and their warranty highly enough and cannot state loudly enough how awful BG is!

    Report on 26 October 2012  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • Dabhand16
    Love rating 0
    Dabhand16 said

    Did the BG quote include a delivery charge for the boiler? As far as I know British Gas get free delivery from the suppliers.

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  • andygou
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    andygou said

    In 2004 my wife and I replaced an original (from when the house was built in1982) standard boiler with a Scottish Gas (British Gas) Glowworm condensing boiler paying a top of the range price at just under £4000 for the new boiler, its installation, full system flush and new thermostatic radiator valves throughout the house. We did this for environmental reasons and in the hope that it would save gas not for any reason of problems with the old boiler. Again we experienced quite a hard sell fromSG.

    In 2010, we took a maintenance contract out with Npower who use the same contractors as British Gas for servicing and repair. The boiler developed a series of faults over subsequent years and in Sept 2012 Npower declared it beyond ecomonical repair when the PCBs failed again. The boiler failures were unrelated to any annual inspection where the work done was minimal with only a basic clean and combustion ratio check.

    Incidentally the response from NPower in Sept 2012 under the maintenance contract was very poor and they just weren't interested in us funding the difference between their maximum repair cost and the cost of repairs nor in the fact that we had 3 children all under 5 in the house at the time with temperatures dropping with the onset of winter. NPower advertise that the magazine Which states they offer the best maintenance contract. We have contacted Which to advise them of the poor service in our case.

    We had to quickly replace the boiler at a further cost of just under £2000, again with Scottish Gas who supplied a Potterton Boiler. SG could do the work quickly and offered a 10 year guarantee provided of course we take out an annual maintenance contract at £17/month. I expect that this will again be a basic annual inspection and clean with no bearing on the quality or service life of the boiler. We also hoped that getting SG to supply the new boiler would aid our claim against SG for the short life of the last boiler but no such luck... Anecdotally many of the contractors we contacted to quote for the new boiler said that SG have had to replace many of their Glowwom boilers in recent years.

    Overall we are very sorry we replaced the original boiler in 2004 as it certainly has not been cost effective and not in line with the claims of SG when they sold us the boiler.

    Report on 26 October 2012  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • bparsons
    Love rating 2
    bparsons said

    I am glad you saved your money and got a great deal however let's put it into perspective We will assume it is a replacement Combi Boiler.

    Boiler £900 (middle range combi)

    Wireless programmer & stat £100

    Copper pipe £3 per metre est 10 metres £30 & lets be generous £30 in fittings

    Inhibitor £20

    Wear and tear on diamond drill to cut flue hole £10

    Ready mix mortar (to make good flue hole) £5

    Electrician for connection £200

    Sundries £30

    System Cleaner £20

    2 services £0 as this is labour only and he will fit them in when he has nothing else on.

    Warranty £0 as any failures will be resolved by manufacturer.

    Total £1345

    So Mikey made over £1k for 1-2 days work. Go Mikey!

    (But to be fair it is still a reasonable price to install a new boiler in a new location).

    PS I have never heard of a British Gas boiler quote being less than £3k in any situation regardless of specification.

    Report on 26 October 2012  |  Love thisLove  1 love
  • loveofmoney
    Love rating 4
    loveofmoney said

    Found an excellent Plumber / Boiler Installer. Polite, honest and reliable. Recommended

    Report on 26 October 2012  |  Love thisLove  1 love
  • Dame
    Love rating 32
    Dame said

    Maybe I got lucky. BG quoted me £2400 all in on Tuesday, fitted on Friday. No high pressure stuff. The bloke was very nice and helpful. The two other quotes I had were within £100 of BG but with BG I can pay by installments. Right now, as I don't have £2400 but I do have a boiler that is gasping and wheezing to stay alive, this deal was right for me.

    Report on 27 October 2012  |  Love thisLove  1 love
  • TBoneBod
    Love rating 12
    TBoneBod said

    Shame on British Gas? Yep. As usual, they're the most expensive; for a very straight forward job. I own a small building company, in East Yorkshire and we'll usually fit a new boiler for around £300.00 - with a Gas Safe Registered plumber and a 7 year guarantee on our boilers - this is on top of whichever boiler is required. Of course moving a boiler is different; but we recently quoted the moving of a boiler - from an attic, into a newly built utility room, for a cost of £280.00 - Labour and materials, (+ VAT.) AND - we're not doing this work at a loss! We do the job well, we clean up AND it's guaranteed - and we make a living. Why is it that British Gas try this? Are they not making enough money with their recent price hikes...?

    Report on 29 October 2012  |  Love thisLove  1 love
  • su51
    Love rating 1
    su51 said

    i had my 15 year old boiler serviced yesterday by scottish gas i expected complaints but nope it will run fine a while,

    2 years ago i was told its done and hard to get parts so i said i`ll change to the local service place i know they can get parts for years,

    great to read someones boiler is 35 years old.

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  • Neil Faulkner
    Love rating 32
    Neil Faulkner said

    Good piece, Donna.

    Good comments too.


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  • PoohBah
    Love rating 23
    PoohBah said

    John Wilson Plumbing and Heating of Harrogate 01423 888657. Supplied and installed a new Viessmann boiler with wireless controller, removed old boiler and hot and cold tanks, had old (huge) balanced flue hole made good, fitted new radiator thermostat valves, all for £1652 in January 2012. Has since also replaced a friend's boiler to his (the friend's!) complete satisfaction. Highly recommended. BG - ptui.

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  • glampuss
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    glampuss said

    Thanks for the information, I didn't know about the recommended plumbers but after reading your article I've clicked on the link, found a recognised local plumbing company and I'm waiting for them to call to arrange a visit - many thanks.


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  • StewartHeatingGlasgow
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    StewartHeatingGlasgow said

    I am a gas safe registered installer and have fitted Worcester Bosch boilers from as little as £1800 which boiler did you have fitted?

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  • Jbloggs
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    Jbloggs said

    I did find there to be quite a lot of inaccuracy in the artical as Bosch do not cover the installers work they only cover the boiler meaning if its ill fitted there T&C's State they are not responsible for the workmanship as detailed here. "we do not accept responsibility for the workmanship or operation of any third party company that Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd may have promoted either in conversation, email or other communication. Similarly, the views and opinions expressed in communication with individuals within Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd may not reflect that of the business as a whole."

    Also when I got a quote from BG its states that the Standard Boiler Replacement includes the Electrical work the installation of the Flue and the Condesate as well as the Mechanical work and Installation. The connect and Test is the electrical work and is part of the standard boiler replacement.

    Not that I am saying this artical is a bad thing but its is full of holes and should at least be should be accurate.

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  • Housewarm
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    Housewarm said

    jbloggs, do you work for British Gas by any chance?! EVERYONE in the plumbing and heating trade knows BG are a total rip off. They put all their money and might into sales pitch's, often selling products and services to unsuspecting customers who think because they are the most recognizable heating company in the country, that they can do and charge whatever they like!

    But I do love em! I install boilers regularly and I am pretty much certain to get the job I quote if BG have just been to give theirs, my quotes are always less than half the price they have quoted.

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  • Donna Ferguson
    Love rating 130
    Donna Ferguson said

    Just wanted to say that I have continued to use Mikey's Plumbing and Heating since I wrote this article and he has been brilliant, very reliable and helpful.

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  • achoudhury
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    achoudhury said

    Can anyone please inform me of a Mikey in East London as there seem to be few trustworthy and reliable heating engineers in the E6 location? If you have used someone it would good to share and give them the business rather than these quick money making cowboys as I harshly found out recently. Many thanks to anyone who can.

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  • MummaGee
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    MummaGee said

    I had a similar experience and made a godo saving using Christy Plumbing and Heating in Bedford.

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  • wertyu
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    wertyu said


    excellent advice guide ,

    but being a plumber myself , and knowing many excellent plumbers , i always find it hard to believe

    people still struggle to find plumbers .

    there are many great plumbers out there its knowing where to look ,

    try here at the ciphe every member has to have a minimum entry level of qualification

    and the institute take complaint against members for any reason very very serious , use

    ciphe plumber and you will never go wrong .

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  • tomphillips
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    tomphillips said

    It can be hard to figure out what a fair price is - especially when you only buy a new boiler every 10-15 years. The regulations seem to change and some installers will do it by the book and others are happy to cut a corner or two to be the cheapest.

    I found useful as they give a broad indication of price and will email you an itemised breakdown of the new boiler cost. It doesn't help you find an installer but at least it gives you an idea of the sort of costs for each item.

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  • Nick67
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    Nick67 said

    Donna. Whilst I am very happy that you saved £1200 can I just point out a couple of things.

    You say that your installer did a chemical flush, how much dearer would he have been if he did a powerflush as quoted by BG?

    Your installer reused old pipes.. Same question, how much would he have charged for new pipe work.?

    Did you get a certificate from building control to say the installation had been registered with them?

    ( a legal requirement )

    Did you know that your guarantee is only valid if the boiler is serviced annually ? And that BG offer a 10 year guarantee ( again if serviced annually )

    Did you have an electrician involved in the work or did the plumber do the work, also was the work certified ?

    You state that BG charged for delivery and waste collection, I would imagine that IF your plumber disposed of all the waste and collected the boiler and materials then he would have factored this into his quotation.

    You mentioned homecare cover and how the boiler is already under the manufacturers guarantee for the first year , what you didnt mention was that its actually homecare 200 that would have been included, this covers the existing radiators and pipework as well as the boiler and includes an annual service.

    Last question... Was there any VAT involved or was it a cash job?

    I'm not a fan of BG nor do I have any problem with them,

    I just think you have basically got a cheaper price because there was less content in your chosen plumbers quotation.

    A bit like comparing the price of a basket full of shopping at tesco against a trolley full of shopping at sainsburys.


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  • pinkor69
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    pinkor69 said

    Hi, i had the same situation. My flat required a new boiler as the old one was condemned by British Gas. They told me that i needed to put the new boiler in a different position and that it would cost £3250 to do this. They gave me the breakdown and i had similar figures to you, including waste disposal, extra pipe work, extra electrics and a couple of other various things.So I decided to get a couple of quotes. I got two other quotes quotes, the first company wanted £60 to come out and give me a price, then if i took the quote they would take it off the price of the job, which i wasn't that happy with. The second Company was called Eco Heat Force from Hertford and i had the Owner Alex Brown come round and personally give me a quote. He said the boiler could stay in the same place and that extra pipe work was not needed. He gave me a couple of options which i found very helpful, i could have a boiler with a 7 Year warranty which included parts and labour at a price of £1900, a boiler with a 5 year warranty at a price of £1700 and finally a boiler with a 2 Year warranty for £1500. I decided to go with the 7 year warranty and i am so happy with my decision as he came and done the job. His work is very tidy and he done exactly what he said he would do. I would defiantly recommend

    ECO HEAT FORCE (07727120330) they cover all of hertfordshire. I hope this can help. John

    Report on 04 March 2013  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • tomphillips
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    tomphillips said

    I think 5 years warranty is pretty common with most boiler manufacturers and reputable registered gas installers.

    My personal experience is that also putting a magnaclean filter on the radiator circuit helps improve the heating performance as it removes all the gunk that accumulates in the radiators. This costs about £150 and is definitely worthwhile as an option - especially if you have gone to the effort of a high pressure powerflush to clean the radiator system up. Some installers don't worry about the heating efficiency of the system but it really does make a difference over the ling term

    pinker69 it may be to late for you but the boiler cost calculator at would have given you a starting point for costs in your area.

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  • aneelbabar12
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    aneelbabar12 said

    I recently had a Worcester Bosch boiler fitted from a local company. My old boiler packed in just after 2 years.

    this new boiler came with 7 years warranty. I was pleased with the company that did it. Infact, i got around 5 different quotes. Its important to read reviews before buying.

    i used a company called ultra gas. I dont really have much else to say. Here is there website:

    check the reviews on there and tell me i made the right choice.

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  • bilbowbagpuss
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    bilbowbagpuss said

    I had the British Gas engineer round last year as boiler needed the homecare service , he said the pump on the boiler did not work , he siad he could not get the pump out , I needed new boiler and then he got excited to get someone round at once that day to give a price . I rebelled and complained. The manager came with his best plumber about 2 weeks later, the pump wass not broken the tank needed new ball valve , fixed , and boiler lived on .

    12 months on I had the British Gas engineer round this year as boiler needed the homecare service , he said the rope seal on the boiler did not work , he said he could get the seal , then the boiler was working and I was happy , then he said the seals behind the rope seal were faulty -- first I heard about it and he had told me how happy he was he had got the boiler working , he said none at the warehouse in British Gas so - you guessed it - I needed new boiler and then he got excited to get someone round at once that day to give a price . I rebelled and complained as the boiler was working . It was then sealed off by the engineer, at the meter ashe did not want to just turn it off at the boiler which he could have done . I complained , parts are available on the internet . They will not investigate , they want to sell new boilers, they use the service as a chance to say you need a new boiler, they say a boiler only lasts 3 years

    Have complained , staff rude and ied about their attempts to contact me , complained about that , complaints now outstanding 6 weeks , even the complaints and managing director have ignored me, you should avoid British Gas , retired engineers tell me there is an inducement to get a customer to buy a new boiler . The complaints service is wretched at British Gas , they want you to buy a new boiler , not to service older ones

    Report on 17 September 2013  |  Love thisLove  1 love
  • tomphillips
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    tomphillips said


    Sounds like a painful experience. Would be interested to know how old your existing boiler is. I am surprised that you say BG are claiming a boiler lasts only 3 years as they can offer upto a 7 year guarantee.

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  • mcginns30
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    mcginns30 said

    Sounds like you have had a terrible experience with British Gas.

    I, on the other hand can't fault them. I had Homecare at my old property and they wer called out 4 times in total I believe for issues with my Boiler.

    Each time they explained that the boiler was getting old, however was a good boiler for which they had loads of parts etc.

    I don;t remember exact details of all the repairs, however needless to say they fixed every fault and my boiler is still going string 2 years later with no further call-outs.

    Also when I had a company C Hanlons fit me a new fuse board my cooker tripped the new board and C Hanlon's advised it was a fault in my circuit. Which they would investigate at an additional charge..

    I wasn't sure whether my BG Homecare cover would include investigation for this, however it did and they came out and established the fault was that of C Hanlon's - not testing the circuit correctly and was not an issue with the circuit itself and it cost me nothing to get this 1. investigated and 2. fixed

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  • rogfran
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    rogfran said

    I am also defensive of British Gas. In my last house, I had a boiler replaced in 1994 and some radiators added for a price which my regular builder/plumber couldn't nearly match, and got several years of cover.

    In my current house, the (Potterton) boiler is probably around 24 years old, and has been covered by a Homecare policy for years; engineers have only had to carry out minor part replacements, and have always come out quickly, with no pressure for a new boiler. Some years ago, I looked into getting a cheaper insurance, but alternatives wouldn't cover 'old' boilers like mine.

    Nevertheless, this is a good article; shows need for multiple quotes.

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  • nosbort
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    nosbort said

    So in synopsis this article says 'I found that almost anyone is cheaper than British Gas', I could have saved you the research... British gas are the most expensive and incompetent bunch of nincompoops in the business.

    Report on 11 November 2013  |  Love thisLove  1 love
  • rogparki
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    rogparki said

    Always pays to shop around ,got my boiler replaced and repositioned (to upstairs airing cupboard) this May. British Gas getting closer to other prices but that includes the BG powerflush (£650) whereas the Vaillant 8 year guarantee only requires a chemical flush . BG/Homeserve insurance was costing me £26/ per month -£312 yearly .Modern combi boilers are self contained so no tank ,no 3 way valve to go wrong anything goes wrong in 8 years Vaillant covers it subject to an annual service . Got mine done by Northern Gas heating £2300 , British Gas £3100,independant locals £2900 for a Vaillant Ecotec Plus 831 . Heating and hot water bills cut by half (previous boiler was 11 years old (55% efficient when new ). Saving £500 per annum on bills and £250 on BG/Homeserve (have to pay £50-£60 for a service ) -pays for itself in less than 3 years ! I would add that the BG/Homeserve "service contract " is a rip off with a modern boiler which carries a 5-8 year guarantee and the boiler contains all the parts such as 3way valve which always used to go wrong . BG not doing any favours with a Free 1 year BG/Homeserve contract which is already covered by the manufacturers guarantee -probably in the expectation you'll keep on forking out £300a year for this totally unnecessary service contract.

    Worth considering Rog

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  • jalopy
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    jalopy said

    British Gas quoted my neighbour £15k (FIFTEEN GRAND) to replace the boiler. They also tried it on with the "sign now" games. Needless to say I won't be calling them for a quote.

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  • Robinet1
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    Robinet1 said

    How come I printed out this selfsame article on 26TH OCTOBER 2012, also by Donna Ferguson?

    As a consequence we employed Mikey. Much cheaper than the competition as you say but there were problems and still are. We shall be paying more for the next boiler.

    Report on 12 November 2013  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • oldhenry
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    oldhenry said

    Two years on and ny 36 year old boiler carries on with an annual vacuum clean. Put new system cleaner in the header each year and drain some on the old ater out.

    It is clear to me that many people have far too much money if they can spend just so many thousands of pounds on new boilers when their old one can be repaired, usually by a local heating engineer( not - not salesman). Parts are avilable for thousands of boilers and many parts - such as rope seals are common to boilers and can be adapted. Thermocouples are universal. It is only when the cast iron casing has cracked that you really have to give up. But these could be welded by experts.

    Other parts of the heating system are very easy to deal with , pumps available at Wickes, ditto valves,radiators . All could be fitted by a monkey (and some probably are!!!!)

    Still some seem to love being stuffed, so why stop their fun?

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  • rogparki
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    rogparki said

    Nothing wrong with my old boiler (11 years old) ,was 55% efficient when new -probably 45% when changed this year . Think about the cost of gas and then think about half of it going out your flue !! My gas consumption has halved since the new 93% efficient boiler was fitted . Annual gas bill now £400 instead of £900 -do the Math is it worth repairing a less than 80% efficient boiler with the current price of gas ? Any boiler over 6 or 7 years old was likely to have been only 60 -70 % efficient when new .

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  • BontFaenLady
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    BontFaenLady said

    How does one determine what the energy efficiency of ones current boiler is?

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  • John Fitzsimons
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    John Fitzsimons said


    The original piece was written a couple of years ago. It has now been updated by Donna, with the additions about the performance of the boiler since its initial installation.



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  • drewbonce
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    drewbonce said

    To find the efficiency of your boiler go to :

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  • keirfamily
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    keirfamily said

    We had British Gas round to service our boiler, the workmen showed us a 'computer generated' quote for a new boiler (which we hadn't asked for) claiming it would save us £352.57 a year on our heating bills.

    This is impossible - our total gas bill (heating and cooking) last year was less than £700 - boiler efficiency would have had to go from worse than 50% to 100% , which can't happen. Someone had just made up the figures. "The computer says..." is no reason for buying a new boiler - or anything else.

    We've canceled the service contract and found a local GasSafe engineer to care for our boiler. He won't try to sell us things.

    Report on 14 November 2013  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • Archmage
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    Archmage said

    My boiler stopped working, although to be honest because of it's age it was never great to begin with!

    I went to the local plumbers supplier and bought a new combi boiler for £399.

    I installed it myself (I am a competent person, according to the rules)

    After all how difficult is it to put 4 screws in?

    The gas and water pipes required minimum adjustment, and my sister in law is gas safe registered and checked it for my wifes peace of mind (not required.)

    You do the Math, how much did I save?

    My advice is to learn some basic skills and do it yourself.

    Report on 14 November 2013  |  Love thisLove  1 love
  • Tob
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    Tob said

    I would be very careful if i were to fit a boiler myself without being Gas Safe Registered.I"m sure if you had to make a claim on your Home Insurance for something relating to your boiler the insurance company would only pay out if it had been installed by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer,regardless of how competent you feel you are.

    Report on 16 November 2013  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
    Love rating 1 said

    Additionally, don't let your fitter buy the boiler on your behalf, chances are he will just go to the nearest supplier, instead research it on the internet. I bought mine off the internet (make sure you do consult with your fitter to make sure you get the correct one though), for exactly the same boiler and guarantee, I saved £550 (was £1,400 paid £850) which more than paid for the fitting - what I don't understand is why all plumbers don't properly source boilers or parts instead of paying just the high street prices.

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  • arthur277
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    arthur277 said -re your comment:

    "what I don't understand is why all plumbers don't properly source boilers or parts instead of paying just the high street prices."

    The reason why 95% of tradesmen do not source their boilers or parts on the internet is that a) they do not have the time to do so and b) they just pass on the cost, the customer will pay.

    Most small installers do not have the finance to stock up on boilers, even at £850 a time, or copper pipes and fittings at present prices. Another big problem is that it is a matter of conjecture as to which boiler is going to be reliable. The grossly inflated prices of poorly manufactured electronic circuit boards in modern boilers, the usual faulty item as I understand it, is a disgrace. The number of times I have had to replace burnt out or under rated components on electronic boards in modern equipment has convinced me that electronics are less reliable than mechanics, and manufacturers would rather under rate a component to save a few pence than put in a component with a generous over rating to improve reliability and longevity. Greed is what is behind this policy, as the more replacement parts they sell at these exhorbitant 'spares' prices, the greater the profits.

    Report on 16 November 2013  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • rogparki
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    rogparki said

    It is possible to cut your heating bills by half with a new boiler -I did ! . If, as mine was, your boiler was over 10 years old ,pre condensing it is likely to be 60% efficient at best . Mine was 55% efficient when new so probably less after 11 years . 50 - 60 % efficiency was about the best you could get in the early 2000 s .My new boiler a Vaillant is 93% efficient and comes with an 8 year manufacturers guarantee. If you can also manage with a combi rather than a conventional boiler it is certainly possible to halve your gas usage. A point about boiler prices ,plumbers /installers do not pay high street rrp for boilers but most will bill you the rrp rather than the price they have actually paid (rather like garages do for parts used in repairs and servicing) . A quick google will show you the best price for the boiler + fitting kit you have chosen and could be the basis for negotiation with your installer.

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  • tuttogallo
    Love rating 99
    tuttogallo said

    If you are a good DIYer, proceed as follows:

    Make friends with a Gas qualified plumber and agree a price for disconnecting the old boiler, reconnecting the gas to the new boiler and testing it. Also a good idea is to agree the make of the new boiler. All plumbers love to love some makes and love to hate others!

    1. Identify all pipes and label them

    2. Gas man disconnects gas

    3. You replace boiler, refill system etc

    4. Gas man reconnects gas and tests

    That should save a few quid.

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  • r
    Love rating 98
    r said


    I am pleased to see that Worcester Bosch has improved its customer service. I bought one of their combi boilers, 13 years ago now, and have had nothing but trouble with it. The burner failed in the first 24 hours. It was a few days before Christmas and they said they couldn't turn out for at least 10 days, into January of the following year. The installer had to come back and buy another one because Worcester Bosch wouldn't exchange it until the new year. Since then, I have had 3 oil pumps, four diverter valves, a flow switch and a new printed circuit control board fitted. The boiler is always serviced regularly by competent persons. The only good thing is that I found their technical staff very helpful - I am an engineer and had to solve some of the problems myself because the "competent persons" couldn't do it.

    I'm glad that things are ok now but I wouldn't touch WB again.


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  • lpaulson
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    lpaulson said

    I paid British Gas £3000 to install a new boiler in August 2007. It proved to be very temperamental and finally died on 3 January 2014, having spring a leak. My plumber declared it to be irreparable. That's just over 6 years, when a boiler is supposed to last around 20 years. So I've spent the first week of January without heating. Now the question is, can I somehow get some of my money back?

    Report on 10 January 2014  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
    Love rating 0 said

    I bought a new boiler installation in early November from East Coast Boilers, Reighton, Filey who had the gas safe logo on all flyers, quotation,invoice and letter heads. The job went badly wrong through supply of faulty, wrong spec goods, carbon monoxide poisoning and sole trader said he is not insured and refused to help. I have 3 'At Risk' notices on the boiler now 2 from Gas Networks and 1 from Gas Safe Register inspector visit. The sole trader turned out to be unqualified and both him and his family are not registered by Gas Safe Register.

    Because I am standing my ground I just had a hose pipe pushed through my letter box in the middle of the night and water tap turned on for up to 5 hours until my neighbour heard and switched the tap off at 4am on Saturday morning. My washing machine had to be replaced yesterday! The flat was flooded badly !

    Any advise on what I can do ?.

    Be careful when looking for a new boiler installation.

    Happy New Year,


    Report on 12 January 2014  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
    Love rating 0 said

    This was a quote I had:

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30Si Boiler £1,555.94

    Horizontal flue terminal £209.78

    1 Year Homecare200 £0.00

    Internal Condesate Connection £98.47

    Conventional to Combi Boiler Replace/Install £1,392.23

    Connect Boiler Electrics/Test £196.93

    Worcester filling loop £20.08

    Install gas pipe (22mm x 3mtrs length) x5 £336.50

    Minor Building work £86.71

    Waste collection/disposal £50.78

    System water treatment & powercleanse £96.34

    Install 22mm Magnetic System Filter £239.90

    Wireless room thermostat £0.00

    TOTAL £3,883.66


    Report on 10 February 2014  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • Ecohome
    Love rating 0
    Ecohome said

    Very expensive Euan, we are gas safe & FMB registered Green Deal installers and would do the whole job circa £2,200. We could also access green deal finance to reduce the upfront cost check us at

    Phil, if you can send me a list of the issues and maybe some pictures we can look to see if we can rectify them free of charge and get you all above board, warm and toasty again. Whilst I can't promise, we would be delighted to help out if we can. It's worth pointing out also that in certain circumstances we can do FREE boiler repairs if your eligible.

    Report 13 mins ago  |  Love thisLove  0 loves

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