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Barclays swaps sales bonuses for customer service rewards

Simon Ward
by Lovemoney Staff Simon Ward on 11 October 2012  |  Comments 3 comments

Barclays has announced that it is scrapping sales rewards and will only pay frontline high street and business staff bonuses based on good customer service.

Barclays swaps sales bonuses for customer service rewards

Barclays has announced that it will no longer pay commission or incentives from the sale of products to frontline staff and instead will pay out rewards for good customer service.

The change applies to staff in both its high street and business arms.

They will be measured on how satisfied customers are with the service provided to them and how likely they are to recommend Barclays to other people.

Last week, the Co-operative Bank announced that it was scrapping branch sales rewards in favour of bonuses for good customer service.

Barclays’ move follows hot on the heels of the announcement that it’s buying ING Direct UK. It could be seen partly as a move to retain as many ING customers as possible.

Many ING customers here on have said they are likely to switch accounts following the Barclays deal.

However, if it does genuinely improve Barclays’ customer service, then it’s a move that should be applauded.

What do you think of the move? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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Comments (3)

    Love rating 56

    i get these strange 'phone calls from a person telling me he is from Barclays Bank and wants to talk to me but asks for personal information to confirm who i am. my answer is always the same, prove to me who you are and then i will prove who i am. is this man from Barclays? i don't know.

    Report on 11 October 2012  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
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    INDYBAMRA said

    As somebody who works for Barclays i can confirm this is just a way of saving money. The ethos is now sell or get sacked, regardless of incentive.

    Report on 16 October 2012  |  Love thisLove  0 loves

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